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Eating out. Is it causing a problem?

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Hi there, I have multiple food intolerances. For 5 years I've been lactose, soya and alcohol intolerant. In the last 6 months I've had to give up dairy completely and gluten. I also find if I eat too many nuts (particularly peanuts) I have an issue. So far all the tests I've had show I'm not celiac but I'm having a gastroscopy and colonoscopy in a few weeks as ive been suffering from unexplained iron deficiency anaemia (I'm a 52 year old woman). The specialist said that that's unlikely to prove positive for celiac as I've been gluten free for too long so she's also doing a genetic blood test.

The issue I'm having is that in the last month, despite giving up all these foods and eating well, my stomach is getting progressively worse, diarrhoea, stomach cramps, nausea. I know I'm being tested for Crohns and malignancy but the GI specialist says she doesn't think that's likely, and I agree, I think it's more likely to be me having a sensitive stomach.

The only thing I can think I've done differently in the last month or so is that, due to family commitments, we've eaten out a lot, which is something we don't normally do. I always check menus and speak to restaurant staff and explain my issues and go for GF, soya and dairy free options, but I definitely feel worse after eating a restaurant meal than I do at home (oh and I don't bother about cross contamination at home and that doesn't seem to cause an issue).

Does anyone else have this issue? Am I missing something? Am I going to have to give up eating out?

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Yes I have the same. When I eat out it really upsets my tummy, even when I have said I am gluten and dairy free. Not to sure why it’s happening but my tummy seems to be getting worse with bloating and pain. I’m going back to doctors to try to get something done

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Thanks for your reply. So I know I'm not the only one now. It's a shame the cause isn't obvious. I hope you get to the bottom of your issues too!

Eating out is a perennial nightmare if you suffer with food intolerance. My advice would be ONLY eat what you've been ok with on previous occasions. Beware of all sauces and condiments when eating out. I'm acutely gluten sensitive, and cannot tolerate anything which contains Yeast extract, Acetic acid (aka Spirit vinegar) or Sodium acetate. These ingredients are used to flavour nearly everything you're likely to order when you eat OUT, despite what the experts say about 20ppm and distillation processes, blah, blah. Plus cross contamination is an issue, and even my Consultant suggested manufacturers labelling cannot be trusted. This is my experience, hope it helps

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Thanks for that, that's what I'm beginning to suspect. It's miserable! What I find frustrating is other people not taking it seriously, I really don't think people appreciate the affect it has if you eat something that you're intolerant to. Eating out is definitely something that is becoming less and less attractive to me.

It's the preservatives

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Julesboz in reply to Bigums

I wondered whether it might be cheap cooking oil? Or cooking oil that had been used for non GI food?

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