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Results - what do they mean

Hi All

I am new to this community. I have been poorly since June after having rectal bleeding. I have had a sigmoidoscopy and was told it was normal. However I have had extreme fatigue, breathlessness, bloating, pain after eating, and either constipation or lose stools.

I have just received my bloods, but don't know what they mean:

ESR -result 2 - range (6-12)

Free T4 - result 23.42 -range (12-22)

TSH -result 2.720 - range (0.270-4.200)

Plasma C3 - result 831 range (750-1600)

Plasma C4 - result 123 range (200 - 650)

IgA anti-tTG -result 0.5 range (0.0-5.0)

Plasma C3 -result 831 range (900-1800)

Plasma C4 - result 123 range (100-400)

Haematocrit -result 0.414 range (0.42-0.52)

Mean Cell Haemoglobin - result 353 range (300-350)

Lymphocytes AB - result 1.43 range (1.5-3.5)

Would anyone be ale to explain what the above means? Are these results stereotypical of someone with coeliac?

Thank you for your help.

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Hi Swan,

I'm no expert on thyroid problems but I have read a very interesting book called: "why do I still have thyroid symptoms?– When my lab tests are normal" by Datis Kharrazian.

It talks a little about Graves' disease, Hashimoto's and gluten sensitivity; so might be useful to you? I got mine as a secondhand copy from Amazon.

Btw, have you now asked your doctor for a Hashimoto's test - as one of the thyroid group members recommended?

You may or may not have Coeliac Disease and you do need go to discuss this with your doctor. My guess would be that you probably don't - but I stress it is just a guess!

However, you might also want to discuss with your doctor the possibility of Non-Coeliac Gluten Sensitivity - because Coeliac Disease is just one aspect of a much bigger picture regarding gluten sensitivities.

Not all GPs are clued up on this, so you might have to also go hunting around the Internet again for more info.

Good luck!


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