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Blood Test for asymptomatic Coeliacs monitoring whether they have any anti bodies

Although I have asked for this blood test, when I received the result and tried to compare it with the blood tests mentioned in this forum I`m afraid I get confused. So my question is:

Is the blood test Tissue transglutaminase IgA (XaJg2) Normal range 0.0-4.0 the gold standard for asymptomatic coeliacs, given they don`t know when they have been glutened?

Also does this mean that non coeliacs within this range have `some` anti bodies bobbing around.

My `score` was 1.0 which seems low given I eat oat gluten.

On a related subject I tested positive for `Gast. Parietal cell abs.` from another blood test. Is this related to the IgA test?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Hi Silverdreammachine

I understood that a test for ttg was used to measure the level of antibodies in someones blood. I was told that for coeliacs a reading between 0 and 7 was acceptable. My last test had a reading of 1.1 and I was told that was ok but I don't know whether one should be aiming for a level of 0. When I was diagnosed I was asymptomatic (except that I always felt sick when eating pizza or pasta I thought that was because these foods were stodgy LOL), except for an iron deficiency. This is an ongoing problem even after a year on the GF diet. My GP has told me he has expected me to gain weight but I haven't even put on a couple of pounds even though I have stuck rigidly to the diet. I know that in days of old another biopsy was done of the gut after a year to make sure things had healed. I don't know if the antibody test is a better indicator or a money saver! I would like to eat oats but don't know if it is appropriate at this stage.


Hi jan, Thanks for your response. I think less than the max of the `range` is good for all people and especially coelacs. With my reading of 1.0 I`m reassured that my diet of oats (porridge/flapjacks) doesn`t seem to be causing my anti bodies to go mad, so I`ll be carrying on eating them. Given your similar at 1.1 you may want to try oats for a while and then have a re-test? If you`re under a dietician they may be worth a call to ask their opinion.


Am new to this, so can't answer your question on levels, I'm afraid.

However, I did want to point out that oats in themselves do not contain gluten - the main reason for avoiding them (if you choose to do so) is that they are frequently cross-contaminated if they are milled or prepared under conditions where there might be gluten from other sources.

That said, many coeliacs are unable to tolerate oats (and other foods, such as dairy products) initially, while their systems are still healing, and they are often advised to avoid them when first diagnosed.

Happily, like you, I find that I am fine with oats - although I do choose ones that are certified 'gluten-free' (ie are not exposed to gluten from other grains) just to be on the safe side.

In any case, it sounds as if you are doing fine, SilverDreamMachine, so I wouldn't worry too much if I were you.


Hi, thanks for the info on oats. The whole issue of cross contamination is a foggy area for me. I can`t find much evidence of asymptomatic Coeliacs eating potential contaminated food and their blood tests showing they`ve been glutened or that there is minimal or no affect.

As `we` don`t know when we been glutened (no obvious sickness) it`s hard to balance the risks against the temptations. e.g. I still eat walkers plain crisps even though they are produced in a factory with gluten present.

I guess you make choices and live with the consequences.


Hello again,

Yes, can imagine it must be very difficult when you're asymptomatic. At least the rest of us know when we've been 'glutened', however horrible the experience may be.

I do hope you manage to find out more, and that you manage to stay healthy and gluten-free despite temptations!


Hi ,

If you have tested positive for `Gast. Parietal cell abs.` - I hope you have been told that you have Pernicious Anaemia ...

Both my boys & I have Pernicious Anaemia & one son Coeliac disease along with many other Autoimmune conditions .



Hi purplemummy. I have been told that I don`t have PA. Apparently 15% of pop have these antibodies and are `normal`. You are right though in another sense; 85% of people with PA also have these antil bodies.

That said next time I`m in front of a doc that looks like they know something about my tum I will pose the question.

Thanks for letting me know.

Best wishes


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