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Is my blood test result normal?

Hi all.

Can anyone tell me what my blood test result means? I am coeliac and have just had coeliac blood test result back of 2.2%, which I am told is normal, unless on gluten-free diet! I was then told 0-4% is normal range. I am confused. Does this mean I am taking in gluten somewhere? As far as I am aware I am very careful about what I eat and where.

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I had a blood test last month and was told my blood test result of 3.2 was in the normal range. My Gp said the normal range was between 0 and 7. Your blood result was less than mine so I would say you're doing really well!!


What blood test is this? I am just checking so I can find out what my levels were. I think I have had every test going now!


Hi Busby I think this is referring to something called a ttg test (transglutimate something I think?) This was the first bloodtest I had done before I had a biopsy. At that time my levels were higher than the readings they recorded in the hospital lab mine was >80 which my GP said was 'sky high'. Nothing was ever mentioned to me that they worked on different results being acceptable for coeliacs when a gluten free diet was being followed. I'll ask the dietitian when I go next week.



Thanks Jan. Was a bit confused, especially as in the past I had this blood test and was told by my doctor that it was normal but my dietician said it was not and to avoid codex wheat starch as that could be the problem. I have not seen the dietician for 4 years so perhaps I should check with her. The dietician also said that I should have the coeliac blood test (sorry, no idea what it is called) done every year as routine but had to ask about it when I had my yearly thyroid blood test last week. I wouldn't have queried it but when the receptionist said it was normal unless on a gluten free diet that's when I thought 'but I am on a gluten free diet so is it still normal?' Will be interesting to see what your dietician says about it when you go next week.


The receptionist is implying it would be normal (unless you were on a gluten free diet) if you were being tested for the first time i.e. to diagnose your coeliac disease- it sounds like she wasn't aware it was a follow-up test. For diagnosis, a normal tTG on a normal glutenous diet usually means you do not have coeliac disease. However, if you do have coeliac but have been on a gluten free diet prior to being investigated by your doctor, the result may be falsely normal. Which is what she was getting at.

And I'm not sure why she was interpreting the result anyway, to be honest- she's not qualified to.

tTG stands for tissue transglutaminase which is an enzyme found in your gut. In coeliac disease, antibodies (anti-tTG) against this enzyme are generated in response to ingestion of gluten and it can be used both as a diagnostic test but also to measure disease activity once you're on a gluten-free diet. The blood test measures the levels of these antibodies (it's not a percentage, rather an absolute number).

It can take many months for it to come down completely to normal. And 2.2 is normal so don't worry. This means you're adhering to your gluten free diet very well indeed! So well done!

I've just had my repeat test done (6 months on from diagnosis) and my level was initially 142, which is extremely high so I'm not expecting it to be completely back to normal yet...

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Thank you NorthernSoul for explaining this to me. It is only the second time I have had this test since being diagnosed 6 years ago and it has never been explained to me before. I am always very careful about what I eat and it is good to know that I am getting it right!


Hi. I am new here. My blood test ttg last April 2013 was 17.9, so I was told to go gluten free. 11 months I struggled alot., I just couldn't tolerate all these free from foods. Then this year after a chat with a friend who also is coeliac, she encouraged me and said it's easy if i eat natural, so I decided to go gluten free and stick to natural unprocessed carb foods like brown rice and potatoes etc, this April 2014 I had my blood test annual review, doc says my ttg IgA level is 1.3 which is fantastic,i strictly followed this diet then i had another test June 2014 and it's 1.2 now.i saw another doc1 regarding my result, he said its negative so i don't need to go gf. I am allowed to eat gluten. i was feeling happy. Then hubby suggested i see a different doc for second opinion just in case doc 1 making a big mistake, doc 2 said ttg 1.2 whilst on gf diet is good displaying that i kept under control. I thought once my gut has healed, I can go back to eating wheat / gluten again but doc says being coeliac is a life term sentence. The only symptoms i had at the start was feeling extremely tired and upset stomach (diarrhoea and bloating and constipation and brain fog) , since going gf none my symptoms don't appear to be improved :-/


Hi Fullstop, a ttg of over 10 is positive for CD. I'm surprised the Dr did not refer you for an endoscopy after the blood test as this is standard procedure in the UK.

I would go back to your GP and ask about seeing a Gastro for an endoscopy so the result is conclusive you will have to do a gluten challenge, ie eat gluten for 6 weeks prior to the endoscopy so this gives you the opportunity to go back on a 'normal' diet and have a proper diagnosis.

The reason you have to go on a gluten challenge is so that they can check your villi during the endoscopy and if the villi is flattened this is a classic CD diagnosis.


Hi, thanks for advice. Although when i was first diagnosed last April, I asked doctor about endoscopy aswell as the blood test for confirmation , she said endoscopy is not necessary as my blood test clearly showed cd,ttg at 17.9 . Now that it's 1.2 ,my villi has healed but still eating gf. i can't get doc apt for couple weeks yet, gotta do some homework so I can push them to send me for further tests as im also feeling bone pain,so i also require dexa scan and allergy and lactose intolerance test.


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