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Have you found it hard to get GF meals in hospital?

Which symptoms below did you or yr child have that led to visit a Dr and a Coeliac Diagnosis? (tick all that apply)

How many of you (or yr child) had a 2nd Endoscopy to assess villi healing & the compliance with a GF diet?

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Since diagnosis has your GP/Gastro run blood test check ups & tests for you or your Child for...

How were you or your child diagnosed with Coeliac Disease?

What are the positive aspects of a Coeliac / GFD lifestyle for you? [multiple choice]

Have you tested the rest of your close family (blood relatives) after your/ your child's Coeliac diagnosis?

Emotionally what's the hardest challenge of Coeliac Disease?

What aspect of living with Coeliac Disease frustrates you the most?

How did you discover our health forum?

Since Coeliac/DH diagnosis are you or your child:

How often do you or yr child have Coeliac check-ups & with whom?

What health problems do you (or yr child) have alongside Coeliac Disease?

How did you discover this group, via...?

Since diagnosis which of these improvements have helped your GF lifestyle the most?

What's your biggest health concern as a Coeliac? Or parent of a Coeliac?

How often do you dine out at restaurants with friends since diagnosis?

Which offers you the best information on living with Coeliac Disease?

Which high street supermarket provides the best choice for all your Gluten Free needs?

What's the most difficult thing about eating & drinking Gluten Free?

What's the gluten-related symptom that bothers you the most?

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