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Spòronax or itraconazole.

Small victory to report. We are all told stick to the same brand òf meds. So was shocked when my local lloyds chemist said if the gp puts itraconazole your get the generic version .not the pick and blue sporonax. So i spoke to my gp and they said itraçonazole is what you will get as sporonax cost to much. So got a letter sent to gp clearly stating from manchester the benefits of staying on the sporonax. Stiĺ wouldnt budge as they said there was no proof sporonax was better than the generic version. So i did some research and found a article that clearly states sporonax is better than the generic version in a article in the british medical journal. So duely back to gp and pointed this out . So he said he would check with his chemist chap and get back to me. Within the hour he phoned back saying from now on it would be sporonax on my prescription as the chemist chap said it would harm test results if changed to generic.. so if your gp tries yo change your meds fight your corner! Sometimes you do win.


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I was on itaconazole for 6 months back in 1999 and my fungus ball basically laughed and got larger while I was taking it. Looks like I'm currently facing a massive recurrence of the fungus. I'll take your new knowledge with me to my next pulmonogy appointment.

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Your medical team has a number of new options - voriconazole and posaconazole being two but also ambisome. If your doctor needs any advice on the use of these newer drugs they can call the National Aspergillosis Centre in Manchester, UK nationalaspergillosiscentre...


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