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Holidaying with ringworm!

Having a battle with ringworm ?

Due for a Holiday ?

I'm having to constantly keep my eyes open for those tell tale sign's of ringworm on myself but only resantly got back from Tenerife' Spain & I can tell you that my Infected ringworm leg did not like that dry hot Spanish climate one little bit.

Saw myself infected a lot more than I thought I was cos a lot more came up red not liking the hot dry climate.

Since I've been back bought myself a dehumidifier for my bedroom !

If ringworm dislikes dry conditions so much! Then give it dry conditions!!!

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Does sunbathing help to!


From my perspective the main Idea behind my buying a Dehumidifier for my bedroom was to

A. Stop the symptoms from showing &

B. While drying out my bedroom each future time I come out the shower from work giving the last thing patted dry (my Infected leg)

Any remaining fungus pores something wetter to hitch a ride on before going into the washing machine!

But in saying this I am aware that I still have to be careful as a towel of mine did one time come out the washing machine' got dried & I still found that the towel itself seemed itchy to the touch so I placed it strait away back in the dirty laundry.

But one article that did get my Interest from what I was reading from yourself was about boosting my Immune system while being able to keep my symtomes down.

Will look into that & anything else that you know of to help boost my Imune system would be appreciated.


From what I am reading about using vitamin D to try & boost my Immune system!

Sounds worth a shot,

Assuming I have this way of thinking correct?


If you are repeatedly getting this infection or it has persisted for some time I would suggest that you consult your doctor to check if there might be a reason for it. Possibilities include a medication you might be taking.

There is some help here - nhs.uk/conditions/ringworm/

The fungus causing ringworm would also not like all that sunshine very much. The moisture it tends to love in particular is that in our bodily 'creases' where it can lurk quite happily, but in a warmer climate we tends to wear fewer clothes and allow dry air and sunshine into some fo those places. Athletes foot for example could quickly go into retreat if the infected person started wearing open-toed sandals. A leg that is normally hidden inside clothing might well improve once exposed to sunlight & dryness.

I doubt that a dehumidifier will have much impact in a home in the UK - there is too much water in our air.

Vit D may well help if you are running a little low and in fact NHS England recommend that we all supplement in the UK throughout the year - nhs.uk/conditions/vitamins-...

Lastly - antifungal medication combined with careful care should eliminate most of these skin infections - most people make the mistake of stopping treatment once all signs of the infection have subsided. Unfortunately the fungus can hide quite well and re-emerge so it is best to complete the course of treatment.


Mother seems to support that after my hearing that ringworm is very much like Athletes foot that when she used to get this kind of thing to use a cotton pad & soak any symptom infected area with vinegar for half hour each night as the Acid in the vinegar would burn the fungi!


Yes I imagine that could work!


Sorry I hit the wrong button! Have you tried dissolving a 300mg soluble aspirin in a tiny drop of water and putting this paste on the affected area. It's an old policeman's trick and seems to work. Obviously put a plaster on top if it is visible ie on your face.

Of course if you are allergic to aspirin it might kill you but otherwise is harmless and cheap to do.


There are lots of similar remedies out there - if it is toxic enough to the fungus it may help as long as you don't damage the skin while you are doing it.


I have gained a tendancy to spray with dacterine the spray that's for athletes foot work well if kept being used


Not worried a lot about symptoms but finding myself interested in how to attack any ringworm back before getting to symptom stage.


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