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Fungal infection on face

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I went to see my gp a month ago I told him my symptoms white faded round patch on left side cheek on my face and nose, stinging feeling at the side. he said I had fungal infection by just looking at my face which he then prescribed me terbinafine Hyrochloride cream, this hadn’t solved the problem, so I went to see gp again told him it’s not improved and was prescribed with then congestion spray,It helped somewhat with my nose been blocked but My symptoms has not improved I don’t know what to do Can anyone suggest what I should do?

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Fungal infections can take a lot longer than bacterial infections to clear up so you might need to keep going with the cream, or you might need a different cream. You should return to your doctor if concerned - I know many people feel that they are wasting their doctors time or that the doctor has 'failed' but really this is the normal process of finding out and curing an infection that isn't cured by the first treatment tried.

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I used the congestion spray twice last week Monday & Tuesday when I got it and I have kept going with Terbinafine cream up till Saturday just gone and ever since then my nose has been runny and I started with a sour throat on same day aswell. and I noticed my tongue was coated a Sunday and I went to see a Gp yesterday And she said had a fungal infection in my mouth and she give me Nystatin which is helping it’s not has coated my tongue and my throats not sour and she said keep using Terbinafine cream if you want to use and congestion spray again.

Sorry if my wording is ain’t right I have Aspergers putting sentences together down is hard sometimes

Have you found a treatment ? Cause I have the same thing ? Going crazy

It wasn’t a fungal infection I was misdiagnosed by a gp at time I had to paid to see dermatologist has I was getting more unwell and he told me I had Seborrheic Dermatitis

Seborrheic dermatitis is a certain type of fungus if you notice exact same medicines that you used to treat fungal infections you used to treat seborrheic dermatitis

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Sorry but your misinformed seborrheic dermatitis is a type Eczema.

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so what did you do about the sebhorreic dermatitis? Have you gotten rid of it?

Renu 28 gel

I was suggested mometasone furoate cream for seborrheic dermatitis, which cured it up soon but returns back, need to start applying it again after a week or 2, but remember mometasone is a corticosteroid, which is dangerous for prolonged use. Hope it helps. Plz let know.

Can you give an update on what ended up clearing your rash and how your skin is today?

Yes. I know exactly what will help you. Buy asea / renu 28 gel and apply daily . Moisturise with coconut oil. Remove pillows. Buy new ones. Check for mould in home. The gel will fix it in days. Can be bought off eBay . Blue white tube. Clear gel. It's antifungal. Anti bacterial. There are other creams GP could provide but this will do it. Very mild. Great stuff. Heals all skin issues.

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