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Was wondering about the different types of Itraconazole tablets. Was told at the National Aspergillus Centre (NAC)that you should always have the same make of tablets and I have been prescribed the Sandoz make - green tablets from the NAC However, this is the first time I have been prescribed tablets by my own GP and when I got the tablets from the pharmacy they are not Sandoz though the tablets are still green. There is no makers name on the packet but inside the leaflet says they are manufacture in Spain by Laboratories Liconsa, SA and marketed by Universal Farma SL, Barcelona. As I have been told tablets can give different reading from blood tests given to trace any adverse reactions I wonder should I ask for these to be changed for the Sandoz make? Anyone else had this problem? I still have 4 days of the Sandoz tablets from NAC left st the moment.


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Hi Sian,

You are probably best to speak to the pharmacist and explain about the blood level monitoring and the need to stay on the same brand. However, if you do not get anywhere with them you may need your GP to alter your prescription to state the brand you need on the prescription.


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Hello was told by nac years ago that theres two different and blue, and green. Dont mix colours .brands do change sometimes but as long as there the same colour its ok. Hope this helps.


There is benefit to sticking with the same manufacturer whereas pharmacies tend to source the cheapest make unless told otherwise so yes I think you should return to the pharmacy and explain. NAC will provide you with a supporting letter if needed.

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Thank you for your reply. I called the nurses at NAC and they said they would send out a blood test kit to be used and sent back to them to monitor the tablets. However in the meantime after being told by my surgery that they could not get the tablets the pharmacist told me they could and to get a new prescription sent down. I am collecting the prescription this morning. The NAC Is such a brilliant facility staffed by some wonderful people, from the botto. To the top I have dealt with most of the staff there now since my first appointment back in August last year and I really can't praise them highly enough. I have a sum of money collected in lieu of wedding present at our wedding last November to give to the NAC is this possible or do I donate it to the Fungal Infection Trust as I have previously? I really would rather it go to the NAC to further their work and research.

Thank you all


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