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Fungal infection Trust Scottish patient information Forum for aspergillosis

Anyone want to join this group who attends the National Aspergillosis Centre (NAC) (or others who have been diagnosed in the UK) Email Graham Atherton ( foa Frances Gallagher Scotland for contact details.

Our regional groups aim to provide local support to people living with aspergillosis (patient & carer) by providing social support and support from NAC resources.

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Frances is hosted our first regional support group in Scotland for people living with aspergillosis. The aim of these groups is to provide support and encourage awareness of aspergillosis in the local area (or in this case, country!) by acting as a focal point for local inquiries from patients, from doctors and even from the media. If we get an active enough group much can be achieved!

I hope to hold a 'Skype' event for local groups to ask their questions direct to myself in the near future.

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Hello - I would like some information about joining the Scottish group please? Thank you, Roz


Can you join via Graham Atherton private facebook ? On holiday just now back next week . Wifi poor here.fcag


HI Roz

Just back from a holiday in the sun which helped the lungs no end. Swimming daily also helped.

Which part of Scotland are you living in?

Maybe we could meet for a coffee if you are in central belt or near by. It would be good to try and build this forum.

Hope visit to Manchester was helpful.

Look forward to hearing from you.

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Thank you - will do that. Enjoy the rest of your holiday. R😊


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