Less sugar less pain (non diabetic)

Hi ,I'm new here .I've been reading and doing research on this subject bc my husband suffers from sever neuropathy in his feet .He is not diabetic and also on meds ..I've learned that sugar is also a cause of it..And when he cut down on the sweets and got rid of the Pepsi he was drinking all day his pain actually went away and he didn't need the meds.It has returned but much lower rate of pain but He also had a lot of sugar the past week.We are starting a low sugar diet today and we will see how that goes.I don't know if this will help anyone but I figured it wouldn't hurt to share..thank you

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  • Hi Hunnynurse. Thanks for sharing. Glad to hear your husband is finding some relief. And hopefully, this will help someone else here.

  • Thanks for sharing this, I have sevère chronic pain - will try cutting sugar tx

  • that's really interesting as I'm very much a sugar fan,and drink full fat coca cola and have been weaning down the cola,mostly cause of the weight gain but the tablets I take are notorious for putting the pounds on,I probably would drink 2 litres over two days,so down to a bottle a week now,and have 3 heaped sugars in a cuppa,so hopefully I'll try and reduce this over the next few days and I'll give your suggestion a try,thanks for your input,ta

  • Is he really, provably non-diabetic? Or just hasn't officially been diagnosed as diabetic? I had well established neuropathy by 1994, and I became diabetic in 2003. They insist that I must have been at least pre-diabetic in the early nineties, and that pre-diabetic hyperglycemia can be the cause of the neuropathy, even though I showed them normal fasting blood glucose levels going back to 1989. If reducing dietary sugar helps, that is a strong indication that his blood sugar levels may be involved, one way or another. They say cutting out carbs altogether may reverse the metabolic defect, and while it may not fix the damage already done, they say it may stop the progression.

  • hi I M not diabetic or over weight I M 68 male but I have the systems. All my research thus far with neuropathy other peoples testimony Firstly you change diet habits drink plenty of juiced green veg's always exercise and maintain a healthy weight. Besides neuropathy I have to combat live with brittle bones osteoporosis. Also I haven't found a pill to render help with pain for P/N (peripheral neuropathy) Best of luck keep your chin up someone will come up with all your questions.

  • That sounds great that he has found some relief. I really think that everyone needs to try what they can and share what works. This forum is where I found that B12 injections work for the burning and shooting pains. I now tare 1 a week. Thanks again about the low surgar.

  • The thing I don't understand about PN although eternally grateful is that I have little or no pain !!

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