Non Diabetic Neurapthy

New to site. I currently have severe feet pain, from the shooting electrical, complete numbness and now the severe burning sensation.  Been to several doctors and tested with no help except just take more Lyrica.  Also, gave me script for Handicap parking if it gets too painful to walk. They say not real sure how to help since I am not Diabetic.  So this is my story.

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    I understand there can be other reasons for neuropathy. The one I have heard about is a deficiency of vitamin B12 inducing the condition however check the internet first for the information on just that.  Copy it all down, all aspects, print it it off if you can then take it  all to your GP, try and ensure the information you get comes from a reputable sourse like well known researchers and seats of learning, so your information is not going to be challenged by anyone, this is very important. Then thet will do something very quickly, hopefully.

  • Just wanted to let you know I did what you said about the B12 info and told my GP what I needed and he said to let him know if it works. I am taking 1cc every day for 5 days, 1cc every week for 5 weeks and then 1cc every month. Could not wait to get my first injection. So I will keep everyone informed.

  • I have shooting pains in my feet caused by peripherial neuropathy caused by chemo. I am on painkillers but you have to speak to your doctor.

  • Hi,l have Autonomic and Peripheral Neuropathy. I started with it in 2004,The Gp l had then told me l had GOUT!!  I just carried on getting worse feeling like walking on glass 24/7 In bed is the worse and get about 2hours of sleep a night on a good day.I have Adhesive Arachnoiditis from a dye l had in injected into my spine in 1970,it was banned in States in 1970 but here not until 87!! Then in 2009 I saw a consultant Neurologist who said it was Neuropathy caused by the dye, with a clump of it in my lumber region and another at the Base of my skull.Unfortunately,in 2010 I was told l had diabetes Type 2 and even though the Diabetic consultant said Diabetes wasn't the cause of the Neuropathy, the Neurologist suddenly said it was!! So even though l keep my diabetes level,l don't see anyone apart from my gp because the Specialists just won't agree. so my new gp is great and this morning said my Neuropathy isn't good so has upped my CYMBALTA. to 120g a day and is now testing my bloods for vitamin deficiency's. i. Also have CFS but I'm a stubborn so and so and am plodding on

    So don't accept all the doctors say,question everything.My GP says it definitely isn't the Diabetes that's causing the Neuropathy,so good luck it's taken them 26 yes to admit to me what it is.Take care xx

  • I can certainly understand,  I have already come to the conclusion these Doctors will let us figure out what are causing the neurapthy and then argue with us. About 9 years ago my toes started going number, went to GP ran all kinds of tests some very painful.  Then mri, which was read wrong, then 10 months of injections and round after round of steroids.  Finally saw a different neurologist which told me I actually had 2 herniated disc.  5 hrs of surgery,  massive scare tissue and while removing a few nerve ends came loose along with spinal fluid. I have tried just about everything, but willingredients to try more. I really appreciate you telling me about you as well. I think no one really understands except those of us that experience this stuff. Sometimes  I think the not sleeping is the hardest. I have tried walking more when my feet let me. Thanks again for sharing, I'll pray for you.


  • Gummy's post to you mentioning a B12 deficiency (and/or folate) might be completely on the button, I had swallowing issues (nerve damage in the throat) that I got complete remission from after a course of B12 and metafolin, have a look at other B12 deficiency symptoms here , peripheral neuropathy numbness, painful burning sensations and electric shock sensations are all symptoms of this type of deficiency.  Since the UK benchmark for 'normal' in blood serum tests is very low, be warned that your doctors may well refuse to give you a course of injections, I ended up having to take things into my own hands and you will see my treatment protocol on my blog also.  Hope this helps.

  • I called my GPA today and have an appointment this Thursday and I plan to ask him for a prescription for B12 injections. I will let everyone know if this works. Thanks again!

  • Do look at the guys over in the pernicious anaemia part of this site, they will all tell you (and you will see from their posts) despite B12 being absolutely imperative for their condition, how hard it is for them to get their doctors to give them enough injections...while the solution is often simple, getting the B12 in order to get there can be fraught with issues.  Hence if that fails try the sublingual methyl B12 you can buy in a chemist and pair it with metafolin (methylate folate) too.  All the best with your doctor, I hope he/she is an enlightened one, however the fact that they haven't thought of B12 already suggests you may have an upward battle.  As gummy says, get all your info together before your appointment.  Good luck and do keep us posted.

  • Mine is the same... not diabetic and looking healthy... I try to cope without taking anything at the moment as I would like to wait as long as possible. Shouting pains are not everyday so I take it as it comes. I find that walking is not good as it also gives awful cramps and shooting pains... I am trying riding a bicycle but balance is not that good either. Like you I would like answers.

    Have you been to see an osteopath... or charopractor... not sure of the difference. And then see how other people cope on here.

  • Sjmiji, I have my good days where it seems like I could walk all day and then there are days I have a hard time walking 50 feet. Try taking magnesium and potassium for the cramping, this really helps. I currently take Lyrica,  I think it works some or just like to think it does. I am going to try the B vitamin injections and the B complex and will let everyone know. I have also tried the bicycle and find that a stationary one is better, less things to hit. Tried a cold laser therapy for a while but for me I could not tell much difference.  So stopped that at $50 a treatment. I am just praying I can find something that will help me and everyone else. 

  • I have neuropathy in hands. Started three years ago in my left hand...numbness and weakness and tingling. Over the last three years it has slowly progressed to my right hand. I am right hand dominant so this makes things very difficult. I have good periods where I can manage okay with neurontin and pain killers. But "manage okay" doesn't mean that I have a total absence of pain, numbness, and weakness. I always have those symptoms, but some days aren't as bad as the others. Of course if I decide that I can scrub the floor or even do normal activities like do a couple loads of laundry, cook dinner, and give the house a light cleaning can throw me into a series of "bad days" where the pain, numbness, and weakness are off the charts. I've found the only way to deal on those days is to stay in bed. It seems like when my hands are flaring up terribly, it affects my whole system. I'm tired, I have no appetite, I'm super sensitive to touch... Then after a few days I can slowly get back into a routine. But I can't work like this, so I'm unemployed. And since I look "normal", people don't understand why I'm being such a baby. Then there are the people who tell me that I probably have carpal tunnel, or that I need to exercise my hands to regain strength (the more I move and use my hands strenuously, the more it hurts them), or that I need to see a massage therapist. (I wish! How nice!). But none of these things have helped or would help... It's very difficult for my friends to understand, and it's hard for me to understand too. And I just read that another symptom can be excessive sweating.... And all this time I was blaming menapause! haha. Can anyone else relate? 

  • Have you tried CBD oil? I have been reading some good results about using this orally.  It seems to be used to treat a lot things. Check out on Web. Have not tried it myself, because just heard about it today. I plan to ask my doctor. 

  • Hi all

    Stumbled across the site whilst looking up about Peripheral Neuropathy. I have been suffering for about 10 years and it is getting worse as time goes by. Not as bad as some by the posts I have read but still very painful at times. I first became aware of the problem, as I say, about 10 yrs ago when I was relaxing in the evenings watching TV. My feet started to burn and the only way I could get relief was to take my shoes and socks off and placing the flat of my feet onto the cold wall as I lay on the settee (later this became walking into the kitchen to stand on the cold tiles) I have seen GP and specialists at two different hospitals before they concluded that it was peripheral neuropathy. Large nerve conduction tests were fine as were blood circulation tests and test for diabetes. One specialist said that the nerve endings were dying off. The second specialist said that this was not true but  described it as nerve confusion ie the nerve impulses to the periphery of the feet were not following the correct pathway and were 'bouncing backwards and forwards' hence the tingling. He asked if I had suffered a trauma but I couldn't think of anything. I would describe the feeling as if you have been out in the snow on a really cold day and your feet are very cold and then you put them straight into hot water!!! I have had all sorts of medication including Amytriptaline and Gabapentin but nothing works. The condition has not stopped me from getting on with daily life but walking can be painful I have to stop and just let my feet dangle down for a short while before carrying on. and occasionally I get a sharp stabbing pain on the top of my toes. Thankfully this only lasts a few seconds at a time.  When driving I feel that my socks are bunched up under my feet, the roots of my toes feel swollen, they obviously aren't, and my little toe on both feet are numb. Going to bed at night is the worst. I usually stay up really late to get very tired, have a couple of large whiskys and hope that I can get to sleep straight away. If I lay there thinking about the numb tingling I may as well get up again.

    Just to add more doom my consultant simply said 'There is no cure ,It won't kill you

    , you will have to learn to live with it'

  • If you are like me at times I would do just about anything to get relief.  Someone mentioned taking B12 injections and I have started it now. As far as I can tell at this point it seems to be giving some relief.  I read on the Web the recipe is : 1cc per day for 5 days,  1cc per week for 5 weeks, then 1cc per month. I am just on my 2nd week now. I have also read some interesting information about CBD oil.  I think it may be worth checking out. Good Luck!

  • How are you feeling this week?

  • I am doing better. The constant burning has gone away. I still have some of the Burning sensations and the electrical pains, but they do not last more than 5 - 10 seconds. This may not seem so good to some, but it sure beats the constant stuff. I am on my 3rd week now of B12 shots and I am also taking the B-complex sublingual once a day as well. I will let everyone know if I have any more changes.

  • I had the same problem way back in 1999. I thought it was a sciatic nerve problem. I went to an orthopedic doctor, had a MRI done and found out I had spinal stenosis, bulging discs, herinated discs, plus good old arthritis in my spine. The electrical shooting down my left leg, numbness in my left foot all has to do with the spine. I am now on Gabapentin 300mg daily, and I also take B6 and B12 OTC meds.

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