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So far So good

Not sure if this will help but throwing it up anyway.

For a good few years now I have suffered from a host of complaints that endocrinologists and other specialists never helped me with. They range from everything from ulcer like stomach pains, I've had more pipes up and down the than a commercial sewer, joint aches which show absolutely no wear or tear and muscle pains. All of this based on a history of having had a couple of traumatic accidents with bones being broken and surgery needed about 40 years ago. I also suffer from history of low thyroid which the treatment of seems to have been perfectly inadequate.

Sadly I missed the lecture by Roderick Lane in Glasgow and meeting up with all the other thyroid and fibromyalgia people.

Knowing he was in Glasgow, I bit the bullet and actually phoned up Roderick I have mentioned this somewhere on the UK Thyroid site and he proved to be most helpful over skype. I gave him a call on his mobile, he had generously supplied be with his number before, and we went out and had an informal consultation on the Sunday morning. I must say here and now it's not very often you get to speak to a professional who actually charges you a cup of coffee with cream for an hour of his time!

Roderick went through my medication, and my history he had also provided me with a questionnaire by email which I was supposed to send back to him but I bought along printed out. Prior to this we had spoken to about 1 1/2 hours via Skype the advice he gave me then has already made some discernible differences the greatest the most positive one to me being that I do not wake up in the morning with joints that feel old and tired and full of pain. Okay there is some pain but I would say the pain in the joints is about 75/80% improvement. This improvement is far greater than the relief I get from painkillers.

Roderick went through my blood tests with an evil eye and came up with the wonderful expression which had me roaring with laughter 'numpty', that's a good old Glasgow turn of phrase. It was clear to him that I had been under medicated in the thyroid area for years, T4 was not being effective and that I had adrenal issues. Add to this the continual history of digestive disorder due to other medications it was one big bundle of misery.

So with a new diet, which I actually like, a new set of blood screens for the thyroid and adrenal tests and the fact that I no longer feel like, as he put it, 'waking up feeling like you have been beaten with a cricket bat' there seems to be hope on the horizon.

The big thing that comes over when I spoke to him and met him was that he listened, oh boy did he listen, was compassionate and actually knew his stuff. On the lighter side he did raise an eyebrow when I expressed disappointment that my love of pop tarts was not healthy or nutritionally sound. I like pop tarts!


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Roderick has posted this on his FB page, you will need dropbox to read it. Lecture notes and sides from Glasgow event.


Dear all back from Glasgow and I just wanted to thank all of you who attended the lecture your great audience. I'm now putting up the slides from the lecture, for those of you who could not attend they should be quite informative however there will be a few puzzling images which actually need my personal commentary. I'm also at Lorraine's request, even though she is much better she still fighting for support for thyroid sufferers in Scotland, a PDF of the basic layout treatment for autoimmune based thyroid problems.

Have a wonderful week Glasgow



Emma Moorbys presentation. Wonderful stuff from someone who has experienced the process.



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