Peripheral neuropathy??? burning?

Hi, out of nowhere today my fingers are really burning and tingling on and off (its not painful but just hot and burns)... they say dont google your symptoms but I did, and most results say 'peripheral neuropathy' which can be caused by diabetes (which as far as I know I dont have).... so I am very confused, am I actually a sufferer? or is this a one off?, I should probably go and see my doctor tomorrow.

Also I have read that some people get muscle weakness or there muscles becoming very tender and soar to touch, that is something I have had all my life, and I have just accepted that as normal as I thought it was something people get all the time (its on and off though, only lasts for minutes to an hour, and happens a couple of times a year)

I am a very active person, I do karate and lots of walking, and I'm 18... Although I eat healthy home made meals, I do eat a lot of junk food like sweets, crisps (the lot) and I used to drink lots of fizzy drinks, not anymore though.

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  • It's not certain the cause is diabetes. It CAN cause PN which is a different matter. There are other conditions, fibromyalgia, MS. . and more. Maybe a trip to the GP is in order if only to eliminate things?

    I think you realise some reduction in junk food may be in order. This is all up to you.

    Junk food tends to contain lots of salt which apart from the heart thing, is essential in the RIGHT QUANTITIES for nerves, but harmful in excess.

    Good luck :)

  • thanks for your response! I definitely will start to reduce on the junk food and not eat it as often. My fingers have stopped burning and haven't started up since... but I may still go to the gp for a quick check

  • I'm no angel but most us realise it helps if our diet is balanced and nutritious. Not always a cure but may help reduce symptoms. Trouble is that often means boring or yucky :O

    Before the mid 20th century there was little option and lives were relatively short - as indeed were the people. And food wasn't always healthy. Without freezers and cans, the main preservatives were sugar, vinegar or salt. I remember my mum salting runner beans and making jam and pickles.

    Good luck

  • I have peripheral neuropathy valued by chemo. Good luck.

  • thanks, I really hope you find a way to cope/treat it

  • My neurapthy is nondiabetic. My actually came because I had a misdiagnosed problem from my lower back. Too much nerve damage before I someone to actually look at the MRI instead of just reading the report (10 months). Not sure if this helps or not. Alot of times the upper part of your back controls the nevers in the fingers. This might be something to check too. I currently use B12 to help my feet. I take 1cc per week. Still have the numbness, but I'll take it over the pain any day. Best of luck to you, do your research and stay after the doctors.

  • thanks for that information, very helpful! Good luck, and hopefully your neuropathy starts to get better

  • Hi 357alldaylong would it be worth suggesting that the herb Turmeric has been proven to repair nerve damage?

  • Diabetic peripheral neuropathy is a complication of progressive diabetes 1 or type 2 it effects around 40 to 70% of diabetics after you have had it for some years and is one of the commonest complications, generally it can be very, very painful, often narcotics are offered to try to reduce the pain, the regular drugs offered are psychoactive drugs and are not particularly effective and the side effects can be awful and really do mess with you mind and makes the whole thing worse. The ray of hope for pain reduction as derived from comparatively recent studies is vitamin D3 in a dose that provides between 80 to 100 ng/ ml in your blood stream as a constant, this is what has been noted for the effect of pain reduction it is also indicating a measure of glycemic control but that has yet to be proven . I would not hesitate to explore all of what has been discovered with D3 and if you are impressed get on it, try 1000iu 1 pd, then 5000iu 1 pd and 10000iu 1 pd. Most Dr in the UK are not up to speed with this approach but they are in the US where most of these studies originate from, they throw more money into these studies than most any other country , their problem is huge in the US with diabetes, they are also the richest country in the world !! Like to hear back from you and your results if you go with D3, it is very important to you and others, thanks

  • thank you that was very informative, it seems there are lots of options in terms of treatment and discoveries going around at the moment, I will do some more research (its good to learn about the sideeffects you mentioned too). If I do ever go with D3 I will let you know how that goes, as of now I haven't had any burning since the first time when I made that post... but we'll see what happens I guess

  • What are your B12 levels ? They need to be around 1000 to prevent cognitive decline and over 500 to prevent it becoming a neurological condition.

    Scroll down ti read the signs and symptoms. Also look at the videos under the heading FILMS. What your Doc does not know about B12 can harm you ....

  • I actually have no idea what my B12 levels are, I'm completely new to all of this. I will definitely check that site out that you sent

    thank you

  • Any thoughts after looking at the site and the videos ? There is a movie available on the website I posted - Could it Be B12 ? Released by Vimeo and you can rent if for around 2 GBP's for 24 hours. Well worth watching. There is also a book by the same name on Amazon. Every home should have one :-)

  • I have hot hands and tingling all through my fingers every day. Have always assumed it's just part of the fibro.

  • My son-a nondiabetic diagnosed with periprial nueropathy- was stationed for a couple months at Ft McClelland in the late 80s. This army fort is sited next to Anniston, Alabama. If you have a parent who was stationed there before it closed in 1990, I encourage you to google the town and the post. This site is especially relevant: Also, read up on toxic chemicals: who makes them, what they are used for and the effects on people.

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