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If you have had positive nerve conduction study results can it still be FND

I have had symptoms for nearly 2 years after a neck injury my right side of my body lost movement and weakness i have now been told its FND and i need physio and phyco therapy for the loss of my life i had before my accident, im just so confused that if the conduction study test was positive then i have damage and its not in my head

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Were you actually told there was damage?

A positive test can mean that there is a problem, but doesn't necessarily mean there is permanent damage.


No not damage but messages were not getting through thanks for your reply


You're welcome. That's good news, a positive result with no damage means there is potential for improvement :-)

Best wishes


Hi billy-t

just because you have been told you have FND does not mean that your doctor should stop looking at other treatments and tests.

FND is a general, catch all description, it is not an illness.

The FND lable just means you have a range of symptoms that that particular doctor / hospital cannot pinpoint to a specific illness, and so they lable it FND.

did you know that the talking therapies option ( psychotherapy) comes from another illness called conversion disorder which is entirely in the mind, and that is is only effective on 13% of all FND patients tht are made to take part in this?!

that is less than would be expected from a placebo.

I would highly reccomend that you continue searching for alternatives - by all emans take the treatments offered, however when these do not work - make the docs re-evaluate and look for what is actually causing your symptoms.

Have you have your B12 levels checked

Have you had a test for Intrinsic factor antibodies

Have you had your vit D level checked?

Have you had your thyroid level checked

Have you had your cortisol level checked

Have you had the fibromyalgia pressure point test?

all of the above are tests for a number of illnessess which cause similar symptoms to you - how do I know _ I too had 2 slipped discs (C5 and C6) and the pain has as yet not gone away - tried what the doc offered, then came here to Health unlocked and learnt an awful lot, did some private tests and surprise surprise all of the obove tests were postive for that illness - now I am on treatment for those illnesses my health is improving - the right hand side of my body is starting to behave iteself, my speach is clearing, still foggy head, still in constant pain, but a lot better than when I followed the docs initial advice.

do not give up, do not give in, find what the issue is, get tested, and address it.

FND is just a lable they give to patients they cannot figure out - you will have to point them in the right direction.

best of luck, and Big Hugs,



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