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wholistic approach

I had bleeding when urinating. Bright red twice a week apart. went to family dr.and he sent me to uriological clinic where I had cystoscopy and then surgery to remove a

polyp floating in front of the bladder opening. I felt this necessary but not the following recommendations to start the chemo and drugs. I opted for wholistic approach and hydrogen peroxide therapy. this is FOOD GRADE only. No sugar,

red meat or pig pork. No junk food. Vegetables and fruits and positive thinking.

I believe in Gods healing power and He does not want us sick. there are natural

cures all over the world and the money and agony that doctors are put??ting their

patients through is a sin. All over the world people are being cured of cancer.

Only in U.S. are they charging huge money, lingering and drawn out cures?

and following the depopulation road with GMO foods and prescriptions.


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I agree with your comments


Hi sparky. You sound very on top of things. Keep studying wholistic living and you will discover what most of the world

Already knows. Living in Ecuador gives me insight to natural

Products and a,yet stove things that WORK and everyone knows

It. There are hundreds of CURES out there but those who promote are disappearing.


I am into alternative protocols I had a grade 3 tumour cut out of my bladder followed by four weeks of Radiotherapy and my last check up one year ago discovered two superficial growths the specialist wanted me to go back into hospital to have them cut out they also wanted to take my bladder out I don't agree with that I decided to take things into my own hands I started to take Apricot seeds also three capsules of B17 500mg each 200mg Selenium tabs one tab twice a day Vitamin C encapsulated I make up myself .

My check up was last July 2015 I started my protocols last sept 2015 in November I passed blood once I feel good my worry was if I went in the direction of the hospital if anything went wrong how would my wife manage.

She has breast cancer she had three treatments of chemo that perforated her bowel ended up with a stoma bag 8 months in hospital she has been out of hospital two years now her progress is very slow I have do everything for my wife so you see I am with her 24/7 this has happened to my wife because the hospital refused to scan her when she was complaining of pain in her stomach then after four days in hospital they decided to scan her then they discovered her bowel had perforated if they had scanned her there would have been a better outcome she was on life support for 14 days she had three infections any one of them could have taken her life I thank God she came through my wife is on B17 she takes very similar what I take.

I am 71yrs of age my wife is 69yrs of age The only reason I have talked about my wife is I had to seek alternative protocols so I could be with my wife without me she would not survive may God Bless you and keep you healthy

and I wish this for all cancer sufferers .


I agree with your comments

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I agree with your comments


Hi friend. So glad you agree. I get lots of criticism because of my decision but feeling great and know there are better days than

Constant fear and dr. Appts and chemicals. If only the nedical professionals would examine the CAUSE of cancer and treat it

Accordingly. Macar

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Absolutely agree.


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