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Noise and life !!

afternoon every1 not been on for a while had so much to do. I have a prob with noise the sound of some1 eating, my cat meowing, clattering plates cutlery scraping on dishes when i am having a flare up it brings me to the point of crying its a new 1 for me does any1 else have the same prob?? vI am due to go back to work on Tuesday cant believe i have been off for 8 months, I am dreading it,

Hows every1 been??

I have changed my meds completely now waiting to see neurologist .

Having a really down day today

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In general i suffer with this problem daily , also bright light hurts my eyes. I also have problems with concentration. My husband often has to read emails or txt's to me as i hurt just trying to read .

Down days just have to burn themselves out, its stupid to say try to cheer up because its impossible isn't it. I have down days too but I'm glad to say they aren't often, but they are intense when they come and my poor husband has to put up with my sadness and feelings of quilt that rise up on these occasions. He feels helpless but he is a good comforter for words are not needed, just a loving cuddle works miracles :-)

I hope you feel a little better as the day goes on

hugs Kira x


Yes this is familar to me. Since being dxn with fibro im over sensitive to different sounds, smells, lights, etc. they tend to overwhelm me and can cause panic/anxiety attacks, feelings of aggression, headaches, a nauseous tummy, or feelings of faintness and extreme tiredness depending on the trigger. I was drying my hair yesterday and the noise combined with the heat caused me to feel irritated then faint and then triggered an anxiety attack! - weird :-)

Its something you will get used to and im sure like me with trial and err and a healthy does of humour you will find ways to manage it. Good luck :-)


all my senses get easily overloaded but especially sound - that song Believe by Cher and the monks-mars advert make me nauseous at the distorted sounds.


How strange the cher soung has done that to me since it cam out wow lol xx


Hi Sharne,

Yes, this is a horroible problem for me too. Someone else's eating, plates bumping together, the cinema, restaurants and trains especially. They often reduce me to tears and that just creates a downward spiral. I now carry ear plugs with me all the time and on most days just pop them in on my way out or on the way to the train station.

I am lucky enough to have my ipod too- I know it sound strang when your hearing is sensitive- but I have very soothing music on it which helps me out of the panicky feeling so I dont get the anxiety attacks. It just allows me to "hide away" from the noise and carry on a bit easier.

There is nothing quite like curling up into a weeping ball on a platform at a station, or crying my way out of a restaurant.... But it happens and it doesn't change who I am.

Just know that you aren't alone.

Good luck for you return to work- look at it as a huge success in your fight against Fibro!



Yes I do suffer with noise annoyance as I call it.Plates,loud radio/tv (my husband is losing his hearing so this is quite a frequent occurance).I think its our receptors.I am recovering from a five week confined to bed saga with an inner ear infection as well as a neck and shoulder flare.I have absolutely no energy; I do get up but get frustrated because I want to do things but am in pain and tired.Everything needs doing, windows, hoovering etc.but am so fatigued.My husband has suggested a holiday - the thought of trying to find things to pack scares me after being laid up.I do get frustrated at not being able to do things, like cut the lawns or even go to the shop.I like most of us want the "old me" back.Sorry to rant but family get "fed up" if they ask and you say, otherwise there is just little conversation at all.My appetite seems to have gone too.Am on no meds I find they make me slow down even more.Pain all over at present.I will speak to Dr.again.Take care everyone out there.Well done to Sharne for battling the last 8 months and Good luck on returning to work.Gentle hugs to everyone xxx Petra


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