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Well its happened!!

My OH has returned from respite and has a bad back due to his Arthritic spine!! He can not move so I had to cancel my Dr appointment this him one for the afternoon and his Dr said it is muscle spazms due to the pain and has put him on morphine!! We have no care in the community help and no interim payment to get help and they will re-assess us in two weeks. :-)

I just don't know where to turn or what to do I now have to wait 5 weeks for a double appointment with my Dr about my vertigo, I cannot go in a taxi as I cannot walk on my own even with a stick,I need my legs lifting into the car,and a wheelchair or my scooter to get me in Dr's and help with getting on and off the couch,to roll me for the vertigo!!

I just seem to get no help at all that I can rely on.Care wise and we told the OT and adult care that if I relied too much on Mac's support mentally or physically this would happen........Not looking forward to this weekend at all. Neither of us can cook we cannot eat takeaways,and we cannot walk our little dog!!

I hope this soon ends as it is unbearable .....on every level :-(

Hope this finds everyone coping with the life we all have.

Rainbow hugs ((((((((((((((((((((( :-) ))))))))))))))))))))))))))

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So sorry to hear all you are having to cope with.

Sending you (((((hugs)))))




hi, sorry to hear what's going on. I would telephone your dr's back and request a home visit. explain your mobility problems.. they cant just fob you off. Then speak to social services they can help with the care side of things if you tell them you cant get out and you have no one to help xx


Hi The Dr knows my mobility probs, and so do social services,and physio but it makes no difference. Thanks for your support x


the salvation army will pick up your shopping list and money, go and do an "essentials" shop for you and drop it back at yours for up to two weeks - they did for me.



Hi I don't think we have one in this area,but thanks anyway x


Morning what rotten luck so you are both stuck I hope your OH spasm relaxes quickly he must try and keep gentle movement going if he just lies in bed he will become worse. Backs respond to gentle movement little and often if possible (So hopefully not everything is lost) Are you church goers well if you could get out? Catholic church localy have visitors who call to see if you are ok and do little thins for you.

Keep ringing your surgery till they realise your problem

Good luck xgins


Thanks Gins my husband actually got to the Dr and he has spurs at the base and top of his spine....they are actually better with him than me because he has been very ill for 20+ years,with PTSD and Reumatoid and Austio Arthritis. He is on pain killers and muscle relaxants but now they have put him on Morphine and deizapam (sorry about the spelling ) He also has tablets to help him sleep,that knock him out so at least he gets a nights sleep! All I have is Co-codamol and they are a waste of time and give me bowel problems.

He keeps on the move as much as he can,as he knows it is worse if he is in bed or layed down too long!

Thanks for your comments x x


Sending gentle hugs to everyone on this lovely sunny day ((((((((((((((((( :-) )))))))))))))))))))))

Rainbow x


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