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Very personal question


Hi all,

I've had problems recently with my period. I hadn't had one for a very very long time and then I had one and it was so awful. I was extremely heavy, so much so that my GP prescribed me some tablets which I had to take for 10 days to stop it. I finished the meds and thought "ooh that's great, things are okay". Then about half an hour ago I started bleeding. Now it won't stop! Has anyone else had this type of problem? Since I started my periods when I was younger I've had constant problems. I've never been a 'regular' person. This is affecting me so much now, and again its really heavy. I don't want to have to take those tablets again, but if I need to then I will. I just want this to end. I know this is a personal question, I just wondered if I was alone in feeling this way.

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dont worry i had this problem it could be fibroids? you need to ask the doc to further investigate i was 40 but ended up with a hysterectomy dont know whether that would be an option for you but it felt really great! but just nag the doc to look further im sure theres other things that it could be and can be rectified dont suffer in silence sweetpea xxx

This doesn't sound right!

Maybe it would be an idea to ask your GP for a gynaecology appointment.

These problems are very complex, and potentially serious, so just giving you tablets (Tranexamic acid?) for bleeding, is a bit pointless without some proper investigations.

Don't put up with it - ask your GP to get some tests organised without delay.

Moffy x

Thanks ladies. I should of mentioned this too. I had an ultrasound scan and they found out that I had polysistic ovaries. Apparently it was also attributed to my weight gain. My GP said my weight gain had stopped my periods. But now I've lost some weight and that's why they started again. I deffo will ask for more tests. I've rang my doctors and I'm having a telephone consultation some time this afternoon. Thanks so much ladies. xxx

Hi, I have been using a mirena coil and this stops your periods or makes them very light, it needs to be changed every 5yrs, a few of my friends have one due to the heavy bleeding but make sure you have them mirena and not the ordinary one, just have a chat with your gp.

Hope this helps but please talk to your gp or practice nurse. :)

You didn't say what the tablets were, so I can't comment on that, but from what I was told years ago PCOS can only be regulated by going on the Pill. (It may be different now) I was diagnosed with this many many years ago and after there was yet another scare with the pill, the brand that they recommended for the problem, that i just decided to stop taking them. it is common for PCOS to cause weight gain and certainly does effect your periods. Weight gain never effected me in that way though nor losing it. I lost over 4 stone, did it slowly over 18 mths then everyone kept telling me i looked too thin! you just can't win! sadly though after keeping the weight off for about 9 or 10 yrs its gone back on again, but can't have anything to do with the PCOS as i went through an early change in my late 40's, sailed through it luckily apart from night sweats.

If i were you id go back to GP and ask to see a gynae specialist for further advice as you can't carry on like that. good luck xx

Hi everyone,

Thank you so much for all of your help. I saw my GP today and she has told me about the Mirena coil. I've been given another batch of tablets called (Utovlan) to take again for 10 days. During the 10 days once the bleeding has stopped, I have to go and make my apt with the Family Planning clinic and they will insert the coil then. We spoke and discussed many other things to help with this. Surgery was mentioned, i.e. burning the lining of the womb to help lessen the bleeding. Also further down the line is the dreaded hysterectomy. So Gonna give the Mirena coil a try and see what happens.

Thank you again ladies, so much. It really does help.

Gentle fibro hugs and kisses xxxxx

I was like this for years until I eventually had a hysterectomy.....The Hysterectomy was the best thing I ever did and I was amazed at how much better I felt afterwards. I hadnt realised how poorly my periods were making me feel until I had surgery. Good luck :-)

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