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Urge incontinence

Hi all I posted some time ago about my bladder problems mainly not getting to the loo fast enough and put it down to fibro when I read quite a few of you suffered from this well a couple of weeks ago i was feeling particularly poorly .I was worn out in pain and feeling very sorry for myself so had a trip to my doc. I explained my bladder probs and she prescribed some tablets (solifenacin) .After taking the first one my symptoms improved ,been on them a few weeks now and I am 100% better.Cant believe I have suffered all this time and a simple tablet has worked wonders.Think I will have to take them permanently but who cares when I feel normal again .

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I have suffered bladder problems for years. Had more UTI's than I can count and an operation to try to stretch my bladder about 30 years ago which was not only unsuccessful, but left me back and forwards to hospital by ambulance afterwards with complications 😁

I saw a lovely Consultant a couple of years ago who put me on Tamsulosin which is usually prescribed for men. He asked me to try it as he'd had success prescribing it for women.

Like you I haven't looked back. No more UTI's and when I go somewhere new I no longer have to find the nearest loo as soon as I get there!

I ran out of them a couple of months ago and my surgery made me wait for a new prescription. Within 2 days I suffered a urine infection.

I'm more than happy to stay on my medication as it works so well.

I'm really happy for you that you have had such great success with your meds


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Hi vg1955, that's very interesting about Tamsulosin, I too suffer with UTis & my gp keeps putting me on antibiotics, think I will mention Tamsulosin next time, as I sure it will return. Were you sent for any investigations to hospital first if you don't mind me asking?.


Sorry that reply was for bluemermaid1


Sorry I think I put my reply in the wrong place. My exact medication is Tamsulosin 400mcg modified-release. One tablet per day and I take it at night


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Hi maxwellous

Ask away 😊. I've suffered urge to pee all my adult life and problems with my bladder. Because I was having so many UTI's my GP sent me to see a Urologist. The first Consultant I saw was not very helpful. However on my second visit I saw the Consultant that suggested putting me on Tamsulosin. I was offered the choice of more investigations or to try the medication. I decided to try the medication and it has changed my life. No more catheters, self catheterisation or non stop trips to the loo.

I am very limited to the amount of antibiotics I can take so this drug has helped with all of those problems.

Personally, I would highly recommend trying it. From a bladder problem point of view it has been a Godsend for me.

If you want to know anything else please feel free to ask.



Thank you blueMarmaid1, for that information. Its not a thing I like talking about normally, but am fed up with having repeat infections & doc handing out more antibiotics. Here's hoping he will listen to me this time.

Many thanks again.

So glad you are feeling better now. xx


You're very welcome. If you want any more info please feel free to pm me.

You have the right to ask your GP for a referral to see a Urologist if he/she won't prescribe the Tamsulosin.

If your GP says it's only for men say that it has been trialled successfully in women.

I honestly haven't looked back since taking this med. I just wish there was one to cure Fibro.

Please let me know how you get on xx


That is absolutely wonderful news, and I genuinely hope that it stays this way for you. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Hello vg1955, I to have bladder problems and I have been through several stages of help. I am with the continence service were they supply me with pads to wear, which at times have saved my face, when everything decides it go time. I on Kentara patches with oxybutin in, I also have Tropsium, from the hospital urologist, but you have given me something to investigate, as I think my resistance is building up.

I have even had a camera put into my bladder to see if there was anything wrong, but no there was not, I think I will have to ask for another referral to the urologist for further assistance, these pads tend to be rather bulky at times.

To all with leaky bladders, be strong and ttfn from Karen


Hi I feel like I've had a new lease of life it was really getting me down having to plan everything around going to the toilet.I was so depressed about it thinking this was it for the rest of my life .wish I had gone to the doc months ago .Still got all the other fibro symptoms but now that one problem has been solved I'm a bit happier


Im pleased you have sorted out ur bladder problems, I must ask my dr about them ive had a weak bladder since a young age and when im low im worse like you unable to reach the toilet in time, maybe tablets is all I need. Glad your sorted. X


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