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Seasonal - yes here we go- many years ago daffodils gave me hay fever would you believe it

I am begining to sound like Vitcor Meldrew! Snuffle snuffle well it must have been thirty five year ago. Here I am and I have streaming nose and eyes that itch and weep. OUT OF THE BLUE WELL not entirely it has been coming along every morning for the past week. Antihistamins are not touching it or if so I cannot notice the differance.

In the past I have been a firm believa in honey from the local hives yes a spoonful every morning in your tea and bingo it works. I have not got any local honey :( sniffs furiously.

If I am lucky it will pass for the day and return about half past six I shall have to wait and see.

does anyone else have any alternatives sniffs and twitches pottering off to put the kettle on xgins

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There's a new nose spray out - which I can't remember the name of, but your chemist will know - everyone I know is raving about how good it is, so that might be worth a bash.

Good job daffs don't last too long in your case! They are beautiful, tho, and so cheering!



i am in the same boat. Have been put on stronger meds for asthma and hayfever already. I can usually manage until Rape rears its ugly head.


I did some research a while back and found info about the Lloyds Allergy Reliever. The reviews were pretty positive so, although I'm naturally sceptical, I thought anything was worth a go if it could stop the constant munching of antihistamines that didn't help overly much. I've found it a big help and only very occasionally use antihistamines (had to stop the nasal sprays as got very sore nose and frequent nose bleeds). You do need to lock yourself away to use it unless you want to be the household comedy turn as it is extremely unglamorous! Just checked and they're half price on the Lloyds Pharmacy website (£19.99 online deal only). My daughter got one as well and find it helps with her animal allergy - very helpful as she works in a vets. Hopefully will help you enjoy rather than dread the flowers x


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