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Would you believe it? Yes please

I read this article yesterday about chocolate

and I thought I would share it with every one.......... Apparently Chocolate gives you a high that is equivalent to using Morphine. Brilliant another good reason to keep enjoying chocolate - I love it especially when I am having a bad day so that must be why I crave it.

from a

Chocolate lover xgins

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Oh yes I read this ..A few weeks ago Apparently it has to be a square a day of the very dark cocoa content type so I bought a bar.. More expensive than normal choccy but I thought at a square a day that's not to bad... I had my square.. Then another and another yup you guessed it the second day I had a wrapper to lick :(


I have never met another female who can manage to eat only one square of chocolate a day....not sure I would like them very much if I did ;-)


Ooooo so if i have choc with my tramadol it will work much better than paracetamol and taste better hmmmm , only prog dark choc makes me ill oh well x


Id have to eat more - I've not had chocolate for a week.




All this talk of chocolate is making me depressed as I'm not able to eat it without a grade A mega migrain.

I am sooooooooooo jealous. Sithy


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