If things weren't bad enough every time this weather changes

For the worst It sends me into a deep state of depression. I am so achey at the


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  • I don't get depressed but ache oh yes ... I long for summer warmth ..heat... Anything to loosen me up...

    Sits and waits with gloglo


  • Ha ha, misread this and thought you said you were waiting with a gigolo! Good old fibro eyes, always doing this. Strangely I always seem to mistake words for something rude or risqué x

  • Ooo summer sun. Would give me a chance to show off my tango tan! X

  • Lol

  • Let's charter a jumbo jet and all fly off for some cheering sun :)

    Charlii would have to wear one of those 'burka' things, tho' - the radioactivity from her fake tan might put the plane off course! :O

    Moffy x

  • My first attack occurred on a diving holiday in the Maldives. Severe symptoms continued when I returned to Singapore. So much for hot weather alleviating symptoms!

  • I could see how that could happen especially if its too hot. I cant take it when it's too hot all my joints start to swell and it just zaps my energy. But I just need some sun to warm things up and brighten up the days. Its no wonder we're so depressed and ill in this country. Lol

  • i am worse in hot and cold it seems i am only semi ok in an in between perfect temperature sonot much chance in UK as it is always at an extreme - too hot too cold too wet

  • @ajj52 to be honest ajj52 at the moment I don't care how I will feel just as long as I get some sun. Sun is vital to our health so I think it should ne prescribed by doctors. Thing is id proberbly be there worrying about how much my ankles were going to swell due to the heat. Lol. Naaaah! Doubt it!

    I remember the first time I went to some where sunny, was Ghana west Africa to wake up and look out the kitchen window and see palm trees was and feel the warm sun was just so amazing. That was 8yrs ago, I think i'm due for another holiday dont you.?

  • yes if it makes you feel better then go for it

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