need some advise

hi, I have been havening trouble with my hands and fingers, my fingers are bending and I now have lumps appearing on them and I am in a lot of pain, as normal I get its the fibro, but is it? my nails are also bending slightly too, I also get hand swelling not a lot but you can see the difference as my left hand doesn't swell but my fingers are also bent is anyone else have these problems

thanks louisew

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  • Hi

    I advise you to see your GP as this seems to be a new symptom for you. Although fibro can cause pain and swelling in the hands I do not think it can be blamed for bent fingers.

    I am not medically qualified to give you a diagnosis although a guess would be arthritis.

    I know your last appointment was disappointing, choose a different doctor this time! Do not hope and wait for it to get better, make that appointment!


  • Hi i managed to get one today but she said its the fibro, im in hospital next month so hope i can get an answer thank you


  • Hi, I see from your profile that you have arthritis , I. get swelling and lumps (nodules) on my fingers with arthritis, don't think it's the fybro. I can't wear any of my rings as my knuckles are so swollen, they are very painful aren't they, I find wearing supports on my hands helpful, don't think there's much they can do , hope you find some relief , take care

  • Fibro can cause very painful hands but as Mydexter says it sounds more like arthritis. I get the same with knobbly joints and in the joints that are really bad it makes the top of my finger bend over so I can't completely straighten them. If these symptoms are worrying you do have a word with your GP and perhaps some treatment.x

  • Hi ihave fibo and i getpain in my handsand swealing and have got lumps coming outon my fingers but was told could beto do with authriteus

  • Hi louisew

    I really am so genuinely sorry to read this and as the others have said it does sound a lot like arthritis? I would definitely talk to your doctor about this just to get other medical conditions ruled out of the equation.

    I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thank you ken

  • Good luck my friend

  • Thankyoux

  • I started like that I have ra and fibromyalga have you seen a rheumatologist

  • Hi yes i do see a rheumatologist but next appointment is next month i have seen a dr and she said its the fibro


  • Sounds more like Rhumatiod Arthritus to me . At least it's treatable . Check out with your Drs.

    Gilly . I have it in one hand.

  • Thank you very much i know it sounds daft but can you have more then one arthritis?


  • Hello Louise

    I've got osteoarthritis and to try to get painrelief I am using Turmeric ginger

    a tablespoon of each one litre of water bring to boil simmer 10minutes cool add honey to taste drink halfacupofthe liquid on a empty stomach first thing inthe morning .Take about two weeks to get into your system and pain subsidies

    cheap way of getting relief

    good luck

    Regards John X

  • Thank you very much i have never heard of this


  • Hi Louisew,

    It's a long time since I've been on this amazing forum. I also have a similar problem in my hands and feet, my nails are now deformed. I suffer, and I mean I really do suffer with psoriatic arthritis. Those of you who have it will understand the pain. I pray that YOU don't have this condition. What does your GP say? Have you seen a specialist Consultant about your condition? It may not be psoriatic arthritis, there are so many medical conditions out there, you must seek medical help. I wish you all the best.



  • Hi and thank you for replying yes i have psoriatic arthropathy i also have fibro and spinal scolisis im am struggling and no one has actually told me all about it so im just reading it all on the internet i have had 4 MRI'S to conform this


  • Hi yes iv got little lumps come up on the joints of my fingers but i thought that it was my ostio

  • I am in hospital in december so i am hoping for some answers fingers crossed i will let everybody know when i do thank you for your reply


  • Hi louisew

    Am sorry to hear that you have this problem, after reading what you said it does sound like arthritis that causes fingers to bend etc, my Mum had the same trouble it's not RA as that doesn't do that, I wear hand braces when it gets bad that does give some relief, have you tried any creams or sprays I have Wintergreen Heat Spray, ginger, Red Tiger Balm is also good or Pernatron which is a cream.

    Hope you find some relief soon take care keep smiling

    Love & Hugs

  • 😀thank you i will take your advise i said to the dr about any braces and she said not to but i am going to i think

    Thank you

  • I have bent fingers can't make a fist they tell me it's ra and the damage is giving g me ostioatheritus it's so confusing

  • Hi Junebee

    As I said my Mum had R.A. very bad and osteoarthritis, but they say it is only the osteo that curls and bends the fingers, one Dr told my Mum to put her hand on the desk and he got a thick needle and pushed it straight through the tendon of the finger, which did stop it bending, they can operate on your hands but with all the cutbacks might be considered by them as a minor ailment.

    Hope you get some relief soon take care and keep on smiling

    Love & Hugs

  • They say the only operation the can do if fuse my fingers but added they are doing it by themselves I have. Very little use in hands now

  • It is all confusing. Hope you get more answers


  • Hi louiseW- sounds a bit like you have some R.A sprouting -- have you got hand splints to wear or lycra gloves? What medication do you take? not come across anyone on our forum with symptoms of this nature to do with fibro...

  • Hi caz i am on sulfazasline and gabapentin and cellabrex ect, and im finding everyday things a struggle, i do have fibro along with psoriatic arthropathy, i just wonder if it is all conected its getting me really down ☹️️


  • Hi I have fibro but I also have dupuytrens contracture which affects the tendons in the hand and can eventually cause the hands to be claw like if left untreated apparently there is an operation that's helps It causes lumps in the palm of the hands don't know if this is similar to what you have? Apparently it's a genetic thing but I don't know of anyone in my family with it. All the best

  • I have no idea my hands swell and fingers and now lumps apearing on them i cannot grip with my right hand at all now


  • Thank you i am going to look that up and same to you


  • It sounds like something called Hebredian nodules Not sure the Hebredian is spelt that way , I have it and it's arthritis x

  • I honestly can say i have never heard of that but i am going to look it up

    Thank you


  • Hi that's for the nodules x

  • Thank you all for replying i have had more advise on here then drs and i am trying some things out thank you all xx

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