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A little self-love and healing

A little self-love and healing

Rose quartz sphere self-love and healing for you

Below is a simple exercise using the healing frequency of pale pink to align your vibration to a self-love, healing experience. The Pale Pink of the rose quartz resonates with the heart chakra, and brings the joy of loving and being loved, aligning and raising your energy accordingly.

"Focus on the Rose quartz sphere in Image below or visualize being surrounded in a sphere of pale pink light. Imagine this pink sphere of love immersing you in the energy of love and visualize a shower of pink love washing away and dissolving any resistances to that love (hurts, pain, wounds, loss, grievance, loneliness, isolation, grief, etc.).Visualize them washed away in the murky water at your feet.

Imagine this pale pink light entering into your body, and being absorbed into your very cells, to nourish, soothe and gift you with the wondrous healing power of love and transform you."

Fibro Hugs X

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Thanks cafaitmal, one of my fave crystals x


I love that x


My fav crystal too.




Thank you xx really lovely


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