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strictly fun :)

strictly fun   :)

Come join us at the Blackpool Tower Ballroom for

"Strictly Does Fibro"

who would you dance with? professional or celebrity / alive or from the past? what is your dance? what will you wear? have you chosen your music?

I'll start - I am Flavia can't-catch-ya and my partner is the delicious, delectable, dreamy Dermot O'Leary. :P

we're dancing the american smooth, I'm in a floaty, frothy pale pink chiffon long frock and dermy's in his tux. it's to "Home" by michael buble and that's where I'm taking him after the dance ;)

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I would be wearing my best dinner suit and I would be dancing a lovely smoochy waltz with my wife as it has been so long since I have been able to dance with her that it would be the best and most fun to dance with her as we will be having our 40th anniversary next year it would be the topping on the cake to dance with her again.

Might seem boring but it would be heaven to me

Take care and Kindest regards to all



Oh that's lovely Terry - congratulations for 39 years together :-)


Such a beautiful thing to say about the woman that you said "I do" with 39 years ago. Congratulations.


Oh dear..I would take someone with me that I met on here but not in person..

heck..maybe all of them..and we would be doing the belly dancing..I don't

know how to but it would be fun to try it with the rest of the group... I guess the

music would be appropriate...I can imagine the laughter in the room...if we can't

dance, we could hula hoop..and see who would go the longest..I am not one to

be so serious about something like a ballroom dance..for me, it's all about

the people that I am with and how much fun they are having...The smiles and

laughter is what I would remember the most.. =)


Anton Du Beck, I love his humour and his dancing of course ;)


I shall be entering the rhumba bumba as it has a beat to the music that grips you - an energy compulsive - apart from which my costume is of spandex with frills in a colour turquoise so devine ! My partner is a secret (basically fog has consumed his name for the moment) So you will all have to wait~~~~~~~


I would be entering the jive and quickstep, and would be wearing the 50's dance clothes ie the flared skirt with no sleeve small open collar top and small neck scarf tied in a knot on the side of the neck, and bare feet, and would be dancing with Terry whome I knew at that time and is a terrific dancer, not bad looking either .....isn't the memory box a wonderful thing......gentle hugs to all....Dee xxx


Oooooo - I would be "dirty dancing" with the gorgeous Patrick Swayze - it's 1978 and I'm 19 years old - I'm slim, fit, smiling and melting into his arms under the glitterball ;-)



I many years ago was in a dance group dancing the polka to the boogy for my sins, and wouldn't mind who, what, where but why cos I love to dance , bring it on ( we could have our own strictly


I would love to have danced with Gene Kelly or Fred Aistaire, the American smooth, where I could be in hold in one of those gorgeous long spinney out dresses, I usually live in jeans & trousers so femine dresses def not me lol, haven't got a clue on the song though lol. Think I might have to get one of my old films out & watch the gorgeous dancing, closest I get now is dancing whilst sitting down lol Karen


It would have to be Anton De Beke, he is really a lovely person and makes me laugh. I would love to wear a lovely purple dress with lovely shiny sequins on. I used to do ballroom with my hubby so I could perform a waltz no problem ( Oh happy days)


I would do the jive with my husband wearing one of those glitzy tasselled dresses and be size 12 again instead of 20+ and have loads of energy xxxx dreaming xxxxxx


ooh i would be doing one of those fabulous set pieces with Freddy Mercury - such a beautiful boy - i would be wearing an all black sparkly cat suit, with really OTT make up - but, knowing my dancing skills the tune would have to be `another one bites the dust` - as i go spinning off headlong off the stage!


I would be dancing with Fred Astaire in one of those lovely floaty dresses that Ginger Rogers would wear in the old, black & white films they did together. We would move across the dance floor so gracefully, you would think we were floating............


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