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Strange legs! Help!!

Hi all

Want to pick all your brains! I suffer with restless legs quite regular as well as swelling and pain in my feet but the last 3 - 4 nights all the lower part of my legs and feet have felt as if the skin is going to pop! The skin feels so tight and sore that i can bearly put weight on my deet as the pain is so bad going up my legs.

This only happens in the night time though which is so strange.

Obviously i need to get and see the gp but trying to get into the only decent doctor is hard o thought id ask on here and see if anyone has had a similar thing


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Hi hjones ,

Yeah i have a bad left wrestless leg!

My right leg swells and feet painful and yes there are days i can hardly walk because cannot put a foot on the floor as it is really painful .

It happens either left or right because everything i suffer seems to be both sides and takes in turns lol.

I just put up with it and grunt a little sounding like i have torrets ffffffff .. No more said :-/ .

I get told to just sit down only its easier said than done.

See the Dr though if your not used to it as i have severe sciatic sharp electric painful times .


Caroline xxx


Is there visible swelling? This is not a symptom of Fibro, so must be checked out. It can sometimes be due to something minor but can also be a sign of something more serious.

Here is information on Lymphoedema:

If there is swelling that is only there at night, can you get a picture of it to show the doctor?



similar problems with Restless legs, etc. I have what is called a vein pillow which raises the lower legs, keeping the knees supported but not straight. It does help a little.



The swelling is visable but only in my feet, i dont think my lower leg is swollen it just feels it.

I have seen the gp before about the swelling and they have put it down to circulation being bad and fibro. Its this feeling of the tightness in my skin i havent had before. I have spent mpst of today resting and no problem with my legs what s evet, it only jappens in the night time which is so weird!

I am going to try and remember to take some pics tonight for when i can get into the gp.

Phoned for an app today and the dr i want to see isnt free for at least 2weeks!



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