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sleep sleep sleep o yes and more sleep


i have had the worse 24 hours in years i have gone weeks without sleeping well to not being alble to wake up this fibro is driving me mad i cant have steak now because my jaw comes out of place was only the one side but now its both its mad i can deal with it all most of the time but with all the other parts of me not working very well like my neck /back /wrist/knees /shoulders/ and not forgetting the headaches i always try to keep doing my hobbys and things but when your body just tells you no it then becomes hard to deal with i am looking forward to seeing my pain doc soon agian i think i am going to see if she will change my meds as they dont seem to work any more been on morphine and others for a long time so anyone reading this keep your chin up i try to this is my first moan on here and this took me 1 hour to wright because of my foggy brain lol take it easy everyone all the best dave

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Hi dave , rant away, you don't say if fibro is your only or main complaint but morphine doesn't seem to work with fibro and it certainly doesn't agree with me ..... As for the sleep issue I can totally sympathise there. I have had fibro 23 years and its only the last 18 months I have got my nights meds perfect and I sleep.. It's a good idea to see your GP or pain specialist as meds can and have stopped working for me in the past ....

Fingers crossed you get things sorted and soon

VG x

I am experiencing exactly the same as you and I have put it down to the cold weather. Whenever it is cold I tend to be awake for 18-24 hours and then sleep 18-24 hours. Like you, my neck, shoulders in fact, most of my joints hurt and I have the most dreadful headaches. When I am like this I try to rest and not 'overdo' it when I am awake, but make sure that I do something to move my joints. .Have you tried self massage to help the pain in your joints or basic yoga? There's even chair/wheelchair yoga if you can't get onto the floor like me. I just use either my wheelchair or an ordinary chair for the exercises and I feel a lot better afterwards. My joints don't feel as 'tight' anymore. and the pain lessens. You can get information about this type of yoga on Youtube and online.. Here's a couple of links you might find useful

Take care of yourself and if you want to moan to people who understand where you are coming from , this is the place! It's a great site. Love S X

Me too. Its been a month of waking up at 3. My muscles are killing me. I think its weather too. I take morphine and paracetomol and I find it works at mo but need to see doc again. Simple hot bath helps to loosen tight muscles. Cant do my hobbies either xx

I completely understand what you are saying and have had very similar experience in the last week, my sleep has always and I fear will always not be good even though I take meds that seemingly would knock others out cold, still my eyes are open and my mind is, to be honest, probably more active than it ever could be during the day. And the knock on effect is not fun at all.

Wishing you the very best and hoping that your doctor can help perhaps with meds to help.

Foggy x

thanks its nice that people do understand how i am feeling had a better day today so that was good i think this a good site because you can only take so much before you have to have a good moan and rant and this is a good place to do that as other poeple on here are going though the same thing so thanks for reading my message you are all very kind takecare xx

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