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Stress = more pain and less sleep


So stressed. So many issues with my new car which is less than 3 months old. Work not paying me properly and other things. Why can't this condition go away. Sorry guys but I just need a rant and a scream. I have had enough ATM. I can't even afford medication because they haven't paid me properly. Argh. Never ending circle. I tried to unwind on Friday but some lard arse trod on my toes and they are still numb. Uncomfortable with back pain which is like knives. Sorry guys just one of those days.

Hope everyone had a better weekend. Xxx

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Oh dear emjane, sorry you are struggling with things, and I so so understand your wish for Fibro to go away, I started suffering with it at 17 and now over 30 years later, unfortunately it's still here I'm sorry to say, but I do understand your frustration.

Two things struck me, firstly if your company aren't paying you properly then they are breaking their contract with you and you have every reason to stamp your foot and tell them you need paying now. Secondly, I know now you are not in a position to do this, but if you are getting quite a few meds you can buy a pre-payment card and I think I'm right in saying it's about £120 for the year (anyone please correct me if this is wrong) which can make a huge difference, I know it's a lot to find all at one go, but it is worth it.

Have you tried some heat on your back? I suffer hugely with back pain, so I do understand how debilitating it is, do take enough of your pain meds and if you still feel rough perhaps you could see your GP and see if there is something which might help you more.

Sending lots of positive healing vibes your way :-)

Foggy x


Hello Emjane.You can pay for perscriptions monthly they are £10 something per month and there is no limit on the number of medicines that you can have I hope this helps a little hugs sue

Fibrofoggiest in reply to Hidden

Oh sue, thanks I didn't know that it was possible to do monthly - certainly makes sense if you are getting more than one med each month as I think it's over £7.00 for just one item.

Foggy x

emjane4465 in reply to Hidden

Boots told me I couldn't have my meds on them as they aren't repeats :( x

Hidden in reply to emjane4465

Hi emjane as far as I know, and the aurther agrees you can use it for all persribed medication. If you are still unsure ask at a different chemist.. hugs sue xxx

Hidden in reply to Hidden

just looked it up on the net,

fenbadger in reply to emjane4465

That's rot. Doesn't have to be a repeat. The person is ill informed - and in a pharmacy that rings alarm bell, especially when Boots set such store on reputation. Before I was diagnosed with diabetes I use to get a 3 month prepayment, top up for all I was worth, then let it go until I needed more meds.

As far as car goes can you or someone else make lots of noise about warranty?

Luck and hugs. They're lavender scented again as Sue sent me a virtual bottle of lavender oil. :)


Sorry to hear you are not having a great time at the moment, but you have made me realise how lucky I am as I get all my prescriptions free. I hope your day has improved from you posted. :)

My meds used to change frequently and often were not put on repeat until it was shown I could tolerate them. Prepayment certificates are for all your prescriptions not just repeats! Unless the govt has pulled another fast one, of course?

Does anyone else use ppc's and can clear this up?

fenbadger in reply to Iampain

See above. I used to use them a lot and even get paracetamol and loperamide on it.

The prepayment certificate covers all the medication not just repeat prescriptions and can be a real money saver. I always bought one before I got to retirement age and one of the few plusses is that I now get free prescriptions. Certain medical conditions like epilepsy and needing thyroid treatment can also entitle you to free prescriptions. Hope you get paid your dues soon it must be a terrible position to be inx

Hi emjane4465

I am so sorry to read that you are struggling in this way still, I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this issue?

A prepayment certificate covers all medications and costs £10.40 per month on direct debit, it is a really good investment.

Take care

Ken x

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