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Dont pull me I will pull you

Dont pull me I will pull you

I was reading gins blog about playing trains on the floor and know how she feels a few weks back I struggled out the car without waiting for my carer to help ahhh nothing like the independent spirit. Stepped away from the ve hi cle (usa highway patrol style) and fell over the pavement step landing on my ass

so there I was a beached 19 stone whale reacting in her normal manner with laughter. It is hard enough to help a lessor weighing person who is laughing helplessly never mind a beached whale

a very thin young man rushed over to help me up wot a sweety but the mind boggled at the picture and I laughed even harder he eventually gave up trying to talk sense in me and wandered off probably deciding being helpful was not his forte in life.

That left me and the carer I cannot be hauled up under the shoulders or pulled up because my arms and shoulders are always in excruciating pain and the bones are now very very brittle and could snap. So I had to roll over onto my hands and knees oh damn the knees cant take this for movre than ten seconds crawl to car door and try to hoist my self up.

forgetting completely that my knees lock under pressure I found myself hanging by my wrists in mortal agony. Sitting down once again next to the the car on the rain soaked floor it was time to take stock do we perserve and ignore all the twitching curtains in the other flats or do we we sell tickets and call the fire dept with a hoist.

Nope you can do this....

It took half an hour to get me into my wheelchair the hated appliance and bain of my life.

As I sat down breathless exhausted wet and sore I decided that the only thing that I loved in the whole wide world is my beloved wheelchair

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Oh my word.... Just glad you are ok and here to blog about it.... That is my main worry falling over in the street.... So glad you had your carer with you and nothing was broken ... Don't worry about the young man... It could have been worse you could have fallen on him and the vision of you and a sweet young man rolling about on the pavement would have been worthy of a clip on YouTube .... Please take care today

VG x


Just read your story and, although I know it's not really funny, I am still laughing. Good job you have a good sense of humour. Look after yourself.x


If we dont laugh about things, we cry! Thanku for sharing this incident. Been there got the tshirtxx


We make a fine pair dont we! Hope you were not injured too much and it was just your dignity that suffered gentle hugs(((((((((((((((())))))))))))) xgins


Smugs to you all its a smiley hug


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