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Easter canceled , now DR says no my daughter too unwell :-(

Easter canceled , now DR says no my daughter too unwell :-(

Aww so we was going Warwickshire Fri-Tuesday but not anymore since over this past 2 wks i been back n forth to Dr re my 12 yr old, asking for something to help with her symptoms but said she be Ok and it will fade but she got worse last night sick every 5-10 mins until this dinnertime . Had her at Dr and given her tiny pill (prochloparazine ) something i use, to help sickness, she has a very fast heart beat and dehydrating and slight raised temperature.

Maybe if had listened to me we would still be going hmmm

We had nooo sleep at all whatsoever and still awake altho ok.

She has had some sleep bless.

Only we so hope i get full refund.

My friends hubby had to leave wrk due to feeling very rough so guess its flown there lol

More time to snuggle in pj's

So do not like her unwell never know what to do xxx

This is 2nd trip there cancelled too as i was ill before (bed ill) xxxxx

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That's such a shame hope your little girl gets better soon. A big X for her x


Hope your daughter feels better soon and you manage to get sleep. Hope you get to Warwickshire at some point.

Take care x


All the best for your daughter may she feel brighter today xgins


Thank you its so not nice when they not well, we were so close to visiting the hospital because she up/down all the time and it was me who said no its prob a virus.

Having 4 older kids you see them get bugs, but she has had trouble since shingles.

She has slept & slept & slept haha

Your body needs sleep when been unwell.

Am sure we get to Warwickshire in May bank hols fingers crossed 3rd time lucky hehe.

@ Jom not sure exact whereabouts its commanders close where old army place used to be if you know it.

We have road where i live as so busy they have gravel road as just a few in their block of houses. Lovely houses.


Going to get up and make her some breakfast :-)

& the cats & our doggy . One of my cats going through a phase at 5 in morning so aloud them to sleep with me and Blimey could they get close enough! One on my head and other on my chest of all the bedroom and space in house haha xxx

Licking me all the time xx

Thanks hope you all going to enjoy your Easters ? X


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