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Good mobility scooters

Greetings all,

I love my little red scooter but now I need one with a bit more oomph i.e get up a hill without whining!!

It's a Pride Gogo and I got it on Ebay last year. It still runs really well but I need one that can travel but deal with a little tougher terrain. We campervan and it allows me to get to places the van won't go.

If anyone knows a good make of travel scooter, I would love your help.

I'll probably get it off Ebay again as I can't afford to lose x amount weekly from my DLA but it takes ages to look up the spec on all the scooters.

Thanks in advance. Blessed love xx

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Hi Sistabless,

I know nothing about mobility scooters, but I found this website which might help you!

Good luck with your search, and please let us know if you find a good one!

Moffy x


Thank you for the link. I'll be taking a look.

Have a blessed weekend xx


Hi you could check out Living Loyds pharmacy that's where I got my little one from...but they do road ones as well x x

Good Luckx


Thanks for the info. I'll take a look.

Have a blessed weekend xx


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