heart attack

march the 8th i was watching TV when i felt pressure high in my chest. i have a blood pressure monitor and put it on blood pressure was normal but pulse was 175 i rang the emergency doctor and was told to dial 111 the operator when told said wait i was told that an ambulance was on it's way it arrived about 10 Minuit s later i was given an ECG my pulse was still very high 170 when i got to hospital in a and e i was assessed then sent to medical assessment unit i had t wait for a bed in the heart unit to come available i was then transferred to the heart section i was put in a side ward it had an on suit shower and toilet. touch screen TV free rest of hospital it was charged for the i was put in main ward only three people including my self. the heart section has just been refurbished and the hospital was the queen Elizabeth king's Lynn. i was then sent to Papworth hospital for an angiogram the result was good news two bypass graphs were good and also two stents were clear the heart attack must have cleared the blockage i don't think i could have had better treatment all the staff were brilliant. this has not stopped there i am now waiting for a doppler test this is a ultrasound then to be fitted with a twenty four hour monitor tape i do not think i could get better treatment in the NHS. by the way i am 65

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  • Oh my goodness what a frightening experience that must have been for you, i'm so glad that both your care at hospital and the results of your tests were positive. I hope your health continues to improve. Take care of yourself big (((((hugs)))))

    Dixie x

  • So glad you came through it and how nice to hear of a great hospital experience

    Hope your tests go well

    VG x

  • thank you g

  • Sounds like you had a positive experience, which is always nice to hear. Good luck with the other tests, hope all is well x

  • thank you

  • Am glad to read that you recovered swiftly from the attack. it must have been so frightening for you, but it's wonderful to read of good treatment and reassurance that must have brought you. take care and good luck with your next batch of tests.

  • Hope you recover well, and I'm so glad you had such a good experience of the NHS!

    Moffy x

  • thank you

  • Oh I am so pleased you had a good outcome, it must have been very frightening though.

    I hope all will be well with your further tests. Foggy x

  • Am glad you had a positive outcome. We must all come to your area from the Midlands. At the moment its awful here. All hospitals are full, the ambulance service are backed up waiting to get patients admitted. This includes the new QE in Birmingham, they are opening wards in the old hospital. The ambulance service said that one night they didn't have any available ambulances in Warwickshire, west Midlands and another one. They had to call upon Staffordshire to do a 999 call in Rugby over an hour away.

    Keeping everything crossed we don't need it.

  • Great recovery Rushbrook!! Glad you're ok now, take it easy chuck!! XX

  • Glad to hear your ok, I was born at queen Elizabeth's in king's Lynn. Sithy

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