Passion for Fashion

Passion for Fashion

I had a little stagger around the shops the other day, in my continuing search for comfy, affordable and flattering clothing for us 'fibrettes'.

A good thing in stores at the moment are soft jersey midi-dresses. They are inexpensive, starting at only £10 in Primark , £14.99 in New Look, and whatever you care to spend in posher stores.

I took the economy option with a grey marl dress from Primark, at £10, and was so pleased that I went back for a second one in charcoal grey. There are lots more colour options including a daring animal print and a scorching jungle pattern.

The dresses are so soft and comfy that you could sleep in them, they wash like a dream, and if you put them on a hanger to dry, they need no ironing.

I suggest you buy a size large for comfort, and all you need to turn the dress into a smart option is a pretty cardigan or jacket, and scarves, belts and accessories to taste. Boots or flat pumps as well as heels look good with these dresses, and Bob's yer uncle, you look great and actually feel comfortable - very rare in my experience of smart clothes! :)

Happy shopping ladies, and I'm sorry gents but you'll have to do your own research!

Yours fashionably ..... Moffy x

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  • Excellent first call tomorrow Primark.

  • Please don't tell me you wear the shower curtains ... They are see through :o

    We don't have a primark :(

    Yours searching for non see through shower curtains to match Wendy


  • Aha ha, peek a booo. I can see u :D. :D

    I will get in touch with Primark head office and make sure they get a store very close to you ASAP VG.,

    Wonderingly if going to church in a shower curtain will be all right. Foggy x

  • Just a thought from foggydom, if you happen to see a striped pink, blue and purple Joules top lurking around the forum could you tell me, please I'm going nuts, I know I washed it and did all the right things with in Saturday, now I want to wear it.......can I find it ? would think in a two up two down cottage it wouldn't be possible to loose something like that, but I keep those peepers open please :8

    muchly grazious. Foggy (losing what's left of what was once her brain) x

  • Struts past in a stripes Joules top :D

  • Devil wears Prim-armani! coming soon starring Moffy Hathaway & V.G Streep !

    Loving the advice... no Primark in our town.... oh noodles!!!

  • My daughter calls it Primarmani! Our branch is always jammed full of trendy students trying to eke out their loans!

  • I think I'm gonna go with the pyjama option, lol. I don't think that would suit my curves ;)

  • O.M.G If I could look like the lady in your picture I would buy every colour. I think I have too many lumps and bumps for a jersey dress.Which reminds me I must get off my computer now as its time for Weight Watchers !!!

  • Hmmm! - I don't think that lady is dressed at Primark, lucky her!

    Seriously, these dresses I have been rambling about are very forgiving if you have a lumpy area or two! Just wear a long line cardi or jacket to cover the middle, and you'll look great!

    Moffy x

  • I remember when I was Christmas shopping on line reading that Primark were opening an on line shop, April I think, would be great for those of us who can't get out shopping much!


  • Something funny, when I was on holiday in egypt recently, when the traders found out we were English, they all said primark!, and dropped their prices immediately, since i took a primark cloth bag with me, I made sure to take it out if we went to the shops, lol!


  • Wow! shall take a Primani bag with me if I ever go to Egypt!

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