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Owwww that really hurts!!!!

Went to the spa yesterday to walk in the pool and have a jacussi all going well when I went to get out of the Jacussi I slipped and fell on the hard rim and then backwards into the water. Dr checked my spleen and said he thinks it is OK.

Well that was a good start to my week as today I was going to be rolled and have my vertigo sorted so that got cancelled and I needed that done to go in the MS Oxygen tank so had to delay that till end of April.....;-(

Now back on pain killers and Gel for ribs need to take action agaist the painkillers giving me bowel trouble again.........Its a vicious circle ,Pain+fibro fog and the pain the dr says will be worse because I have fibro! and sleep is not easy as its the side I lay on....slept on right side and my leg went completely dead last night.....and could not turn over to call my OH on my intercom....................

On the plus side I am warm and cozy indoors and not out in the blustery snow,so am luckier than others all over the country with no lecky or warmth!!

Sorry to be a moaner but feel so bad of late I did not need this at all!!

G-e-n-t-l-e (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( H-U-G-S )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) ;-) x x

Rainbow x x x x

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(((((( rainbow )))))). Ouch........that sounds soooo painful, I'm sorry that you are having to cancel things you had hoped would make you feel better. Rolled? haven't heard of that, is it useful? Anyway, I'm having to hop off to the dr but I just wanted to Sauk take great care, stay in the warm and I really hope you start to feel better very soon.

Gentle hugs and good healing thoughts. Foggy x


Hello Rainbow, I've just read your message and feel so sad for you, when we do something its our Fibro that gets triggered off and we feel we are back to square one again£ I'm sorry about your fall maybe next time you could take some flip flops and leave them near by so you could put them on so you wouldn't slip again? I know that these places can be slippery like the swimming pool! Hope you will feel better soon. Aisha xx


Hi Aisha I was actually in the Jacuzi getting out when I fell back in,the side was slippery and my hand slipped. I wear crocks all of the time round the pool area. Infact I take my little red scooter to the pool side,I am in agony today and not had a lot of sleep either. Did not need this as got appointments all week for this or that...... :-(

Hugs x x x Rainbow


I just reread what I wrote yesterday did not explain my self very well....must have been the pain I was in!

For my vertigo I have to get onto a bed and the Dr would have had to quickly jerk my head then my OH would have helped him to turn me onto my side ,and then quickly back again on the other side and do it again. What it is Dr explained ....small particles of dry debree has moved from a canal in my ear so it puts me off balance ,I even feel like I am falling when I lay down the room spin's as if I am drunk!!

Thanks for your reply's

Gentle Hugs x x

Rainbow x x x


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