Familiar Symptoms

Familiar Symptoms

Do you often feel like this?

Your fibro symptoms seem worse than ever.

You have a throbbing headache and heavy eyes

Your vision is blurry

You are drowsy and lethargic

All your muscles are sore and achey, especially thighs, calves and buttocks

You feel vaguely anxious and 'twitchy'

You desperately crave sugary food.

These are pretty normal fibro symptoms, but they seem worse than ever.

Now try drinking at least two pints of fluid over the next hour. It doesn't matter what - weak tea or coffee, fruit juice, plain water, even milk, but at least two pints., then see if you improve.

All the above are symptoms of dehydration, and if you have fibro already, you don't want dehydration on top of it!

Studies show that 70% of the adult population are chronically dehydrated with a fluid intake of less than 30% of the recommended quantity. Strangely, many people have little or no thirst reflex and develop a craving for sweet food instead of water.

A good way to detect dehydration is to look at the colour of your wee - it should be no darker than pale straw - if it is, you are too dry.

I have posted similar to this before, but was reminded of its importance yesterday when I felt much worse than usual. I lay on the sofa wondering if I was dying, when I noticed how crepey the skin on my hands was looking - and that's REALLY dehydrated!

After two hours of steadily sipping water, I felt much better, but the after effects are still with me 24 hours later.

Water won't cure fibro, but a lack of it will surely make you feel much worse, so get guzzling!

Yours with ice and lemon :)

Moffy x

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  • Rushes off to take a look at the colour of your wee.... The things I do ..... I hope you appreciate it

    On a serious note thanks for that moffs I am feeling yuk today so will start drinking .. Ahh I see you mean non alcoholic drinks ... Bahh

    Goes off to get some organic squash......

    VG x

  • Sticking with the gin and tonic, here! :p

    My wee is pristine, ta - it doesn't need looking at - tho' I appreciate the offer!

    Moffy x

  • Thanks, Moffy. I drink loads of green tea throughout the day with 2 slices of lemon in it. The first 3 mugs are made with leaves and is caffeinated, then I drink decaff. the rest of the day. I also drink a lot of water. When I next feel particularly bad I'll take your advice and drink even more. Hugs XX

  • Thanks for the tip, I am terrible at remembering to drink enough!

  • So am I, Mary - hence this post


    I have been hospitalised with dehydration, because I never get thirsty, and you'd think I would remember by now, but I still have the odd lapse!

    Moffy x

  • Thank you ,that explains a lot ,I always try to drink as much fluied as a can through out the day, but if I'm out it isn't as easy to get a drink without it costing the earth ,although I do keep a bottle of water in the car and in my bag ,but I still feel very dehydrated ,I then get a migraine and can feel very sick.;-(

  • I'm guilty too and know that I should be drinking more but if I drink as much as I should then, I need to pee and that means climbing the stairs as my cottage is just two up two down. Thank you so much though Moffy cos it has focused what is left of my foggy brain, and I realise that there is the option of the old outside loo hmmmm it would take a bit of cleaning and de-spiders webbing, hhhhmm but that really might be good. (((Moffy)))

  • Wraps up a posh bucket and sends it to Foggie's house! :D

  • Oh wow, didn't catch this yesterday, I've seriously thought about the outside one, but a posh bucket inside, well thank you, will,have to hide it in my inglenook so as not to be seen. Hehehe. Foggy x. ;-)

  • Ty moffy for the reminder I really need to try n drink more water I'm double incontinent which is a pest in one end out the othe like a bag with holes in it xxx

  • Lol you ladies always make smile so thank you for the toilet humour lol.xxx

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