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Neurological symptoms part of fibro?

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Sorry, couldn't put this in questions as too long! I am suffering a whole load of neurological symptoms, some of which I have been putting down to fibro & some possibly related to epilepsy, but since suffering a concussion from a car accident in March everything has got progressively worse & other stuff has started....the past couple of months have been awful. If i list all of these symptoms could anyone who also suffers from any of them or maybe all of them reply, I am so confused as to whether or not this is fibro, I am seeing a neurologist on Wednesday morning, but would really like to go in knowing for myself if it is likely to be fibro or if I need to insist they do further tests etc. Be warned, it is quite a long & depressing list so please don't feel you have to carry on reading..........

12 Replies
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Jerking - from little finger, hand, whole limb, whole like an electric shock & is totally random & at worse I am twitching/jerking every 5-10 seconds

Constantly loosing my balance, have to use a walker so I don't fall over

Brain stalls - basically feel like someone presses the pause button, can be mid sentence & just get stuck

Facial weakness - left side of my face goes numb/tingly & droops

Severe headaches/migraine, not sure if this is related to facial weakness

Epilepsy type auras.....not sure how to explain this, it is like a weird sensation that you can get before you go on to have a seizure....I can't scroll on a page, have flickering lights, read a book if i am holding it as text is jumping around etc

Co-ordination has always been bad but is severely impaired now

Ringing & buzzing in my ears

Floaters/light flashes in vision

Mood swings that are far worse than before

Suddenly loose strength in hand, cant even pick up a pen, let alone write

Pains on 1 side of face, can be triggered by cold, chewing on that side, even a hairdryer blowing on it. Is like freezing cold needles in waves across side of face & electric shock type feeling.

The other bizarre thing is that I have lost 2 stone since March, but am not doing/eating anything different than before, have constant pain in my ribs & sternum...I think it is from the severe jerking in my torso, it looks like someone has given me a heart shock thing when it happens, I can't wear my bra anymore as hurts ribs too much & am even more exhausted than before, I spend half the day nodding on & off in bed & I am lucky if i can manage to stay up until 8/9pm........but then I don't sleep properly....haven't done for years, but is even more disrupted now.

Sorry, did say it was long......I just figured if I actually listed them all in 1 place someone might recognise some or all of them.

Gentle hugs & many thanks if you have read all of this

Janey xx

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helle in reply to frazzled2day

so sorry to hear you have all this going on, and i can relate to your symptoms, i also have lost a lot of weight and the bra!! given up with that so i got meself a crop top it looks like a dam trainer bra. but it helps to keep whats left from flopping about. sorry to ramble, sounds like the trauma you had in march has made your fybro much worse? but if you have any new pain that your not sure about? get and see your g.p, good luck and a big gentle hug to you :) xx

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I have jerking of limbs and face and stomach! they have been getting worse over the last month and I have injured myself a couple of times as my hands have taken off by themselves!

I also have poor balance and struggle to stay awake in the day but can't stay asleep at night.

I think that a lot of your list is due to fibro.

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I have had everything in your list hun so you are not alone. I also have what I call wide awake fits. I lose total control of my body and resemble a puppet on a string that someone is just dancing around with. But I am fully aware, can hear and see but cannot do anything, cannot stop it, cannot talk or call anyone, really scary. And yes these are all neurological type symptoms. All the things on your list can be suffered by us. Your last things, pains in one side of the face sounds likeit could be either dental problems or Trigeminal neuralgia(which I have myself). But to rule this out you should see your dentist first, tell him about these pains and he can check to see if it is dental problems, if not he will most likely advise you to see the GP about it. Just do not worry hun ans we have all gone through some or all of your symptoms. xxxxx

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I have a lot of the same symptoms as you, can I recomend that you look at the web site I have functional neurological disorder which at first was thought to be fibro hope this helps Take care Sue x

in reply to getactive

The link doesn't work Sue, it should read :)

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Hia frazzle all i can say is when you see Neurologist say it as it is and the worst and keep a diary as it is very unpredictable in my own experience xxx

Let us know :-) xxx hugs xxx

Hello Frazzle, I am so sorry to hear your are feeling so unwell at the moment. Thank you for taking the time to list all your symptoms, I can understand why you feel so rough right now. Certainly many of the symptoms can be related to Fibromyalgia, but to be definite and to rule out other conditions your Neurologist would have to examine you, take tests etc., to determine what cause.

It must be a very worrying time for you, please let us know how you get on on Wednesday. Wishing you all the very best. Here's a hug for you (((hug))) xxx

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I too suffer from a weakness in my right hand, dizzy, headaches, mid sentence I forget what I'm talking about. Balance problems and the list goes on.

I went to see a neurologist and he did a test called The Hoffman Test and apparently I proved positive?

So on Saturday I'm having an MRI on my brain. Very scared wondering what they may find? Any ideas what this Hoffman test means??

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frazzled2day in reply to Lucyw

Hi Lucy, try not to be scared hunny, the MRI is most likely to rule stuff out. I was positive on the Hoffman test, it is a specific neuro test that indicates problems with the spinal chord/ central nervous system, things like MS show positive.....i was diagnosed with Functional Neurological Disorder. In short, my brain has crashed like a computer does & all of the messages from my brain to my body are misread & vice versa, which at least accounts for the bizarre symptoms we have. If you want to chat more hunny just shout, I am normally about on Facebook during the day...janey pye. Sending you gentle hugs Lucy xx

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thank you Janey,

so what was the diagnosis for you i've never heard of Functional Neuro Disorder. What can be done for this, I bet nothing. Is this also why I loose my balance and stubble about?

I will add you to my facebook, later on today, many thanks for answering my message.

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Good luck for Wednesday xx

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