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DLA Tribunal,,, oh get in!!! I partly won,

Applied for DLA in Feb 2012, was refused like most are so appealed, Tribunal date was Monday 18th March 2013, had help from Helping Hands welfare people,

took son with me who helps a great deal, and yes I was shaking like a leaf, got in front of the 3 scary looking panel, asked loads of stupid type questions of the dr, saying that if I just managed to walk from the waiting room to the room we were having the tribunal in how come I stating walking is difficult!!,, bearing in mind I was in agony walking and sitting due to back /hip/ knee and ankle problems,, anyway, she stopped asking me questions when she got on about the hospital I visited for rheumy appointments i think i showed her up when i pointed out i knew exactly the set out of the rheumy department and the seating area, well only one other asked me questions to do with care and told me about allsorts i should go ask my dr about, other judge never asked me questions, well after a 15 minute debate, they said i can have low rate care back dated, and as for the mobility part they sending it to someone else to decide, so not looking good, but hey ho won low rate care for a while, :)

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Hello Jue, well done for facing your tribunal, it must be terrifying, feels like the Spanish Inquisition I should think ! I'm sorry that you only got the low care component, but I suppose we should be grateful for small mercies as they say, and I'm pleased that they have back dated it. I too get the low care rate and was told that having had it reviewed a couple of years back, that I would be on it indefinitely, hoorah I thought, but I think that with the PIP being introduced that no doubt they will fell the need to put me through the mill once again. You probably have already done this, but I kept copies of both my forms, so that I can remember, the fog descends when faced with a form of any sort....eeek I hate them ! Anyway, well done you and I'm sending hugs. Foggy x


Well done .. I get low rate care always refused mobility but I look on it as at least I get something.. And every little helps

VG x


Congrats to you Jue, and to others do keep persevering. I get low rate care plus high rate mobility, but only after several appeals I tried myself but eventually had it awarded with the assistance of my council benefits help team. I applied for both in 2008 and was award the care component in 2010, I was eventually awarded high rate mobility last April. JaeX


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