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OK listenint to Gnarles Berkley song! perfect for the parking posts i just read ...who do you ...who do you

who do you think you are taking up all my spaaaces.. does that make me craaaaazy!!

hmmm ever since i got my badge , ever since i got my badge it made me eligible for those spaaaaces, but dont make me crazzzzyyyy your nicking my spacey .

if you dont move, if you dont move then i will go craaaazy

sorry folks i could carry on with this but i shall just let you imagine from there hahah

and now another song this girl is on fiiiire , we look disabled but we got so much flaaame

take care all ..caroline xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Love it xx


hmm,next X factor,look out simon cowell,you could go as Fairy Fibro,wow we'll have you up there in lights,are you ready for that kind of fame.jacksiex.


Oh, that was fab, laid in bed laughing & singing along even hubby joined in! He's off today with

a stinker of migraine after rebuilding my laptop which crashed Friday night... Apparently its something to do with a possible Mozilla warned folks =/ I kept getting the bsod! Then it died completely.... Grrrrr

Anyway he has the technology to rebuild.... So I've given him a new name Mr Bionic ;)

Still laughing at the song... Off to sing it to the kids when they come in from school :D

Keep adding to the lyrics, Fairycazzie and when someone parks in your space start singing the song to them ;)




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