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How long for ATOS medical?

I have been on ESA for the last 6 months. Had an ATOS medical questionnaire before Xmas but I have heard nothing from them? Is this normal or should I chase this up? I really don't know what to do. Heard so much about this medical that tbh I am happy where I am. I have absolutely no idea what to do now,any advice on this will be welcomed.

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I never heard back for three months then recvd a letter saying I was in support group let the sleeping dogs lie bad news travels fast.


How long is a piece of string? I think that analogy applies so well, you fill in the humongous form, send it off promptly, as requested, and then you wait and wait, and then wait a bit more, and then a lot more, like someone waiting for guilotine to come down !! My point being I think there is no set time, I waited for nearly 6 months getting more and more worried. They didn't even call me to a medical and I suddenly learnt they'd put me in the WRAG, I reapplied and the same decision was returned, I then thought about appealing, and know how badly the stress of just waiting to hear effected my fibro, and a talk with a very understanding lady at the jobcentre (quite a surprise as all my contact with jobcentres in the past seemed to require women emploees to be some sort of flame breathing dragon ) and I have decided not to appeal. That is right for me, not certainly I would advise anyone else to do, but I really hope you hear soon, but don't panic if you don't, ATOS are a law unto themselves and don't think they which way is up anyway !!!!

Hugs and hopeful wishes for you Foggy x


i would leave well alone ,if they want you im sure they know where you are, bearing in my the system is in chaos too,


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