Here you go folks!!!

HAMMIE'S..................... :d

Here you go folks!!! 
HAMMIE'S..................... :d

Well as requested by a few of you here's a couple of pics of my baby Roborwski hamsters, they'll be approx 8weeks old now.

Apologies for the bad photo quality but have you ever tried photographing something so small in the dark using an ancient mobile phone !?!

New phone required LOLOLOL

Squeak squeak :p

:) xxxsianxxx :)

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  • Morning squeak how wonderful they are adorable. I saw some russian hamsters at a garden center the other week - they were very very fast running every where - then they would pause and clean themselves really cute.

    I am so pleased for you xxgins

  • yup! just like these :)

    Approx 70% tamed now, which in a week isn't bad going.

    They're starting to hop on and off my hand now.............. really cute :)

    .............. and they don't scarper the moment anything moves or makes a noise LOL


  • What sweeties. Have they grown teeth yet or are they born with them?

  • nibble nibble :D course they have teeth :o Not sure if they're born with them but they're fully weaned at about 10days old and eating the same things as mommy and daddy :)

  • Yes Zeb they are born with teeth. My beloved daughter kept hamsters for years .Then she and her boy friend thought it would be funny to put them together. Result .two preggy hamsters = 16 babies that no one wanted .Had to travel 8 miles to the only pet shop that would take them off our hands..I have forgiven her now :)

  • I loved breeding the lemmings and watching how mommy and daddy educated them in bed making and tunnel building. Mommy was always cute when she would sit under the water bottle then a little nose or two would poke out from underneath her as she taught them how to use the bottle.

    Amazing TV :D

    However when looking after my friend's rodents while he went on an adventure break to Thailand looking for new species he came home to 53 babies LOLOLOL and I got to hand them back to him :D ha ha ha :D

  • Best possibles result sian, you had the fun and then handed the problem over, but where on earth did you keep the 53 babies for him ? :o ? :o

  • There were many breeding cages each with 2 females and one male so each female spawned at the same time........ eek!

    He was breeding them anyway I just don't think he expected that many LOLOLOL

    must be the way I care for animals :D xxx

  • Our teddy bear hampster died last week in her sleep, sad. We are getting 2 male dwarfe hamsters though. I find them really relaxing and helped when in pain. She used to go around in my housecoat pocket peeking out or fall asleep snugled into my arm,lol.

  • sounds like my lemmings they were so sweet like that. One would sit on my shoulder just under my ear and poke her head out at people. It was funny watching their faces change because they didn't know she was there :D very affectionate and therapeutic which is why I keep the furries too :)

  • What will your dwarf hamsters be homed in? Only asking cus we had a dwarf russian hamster once who thought he was Hudini they can squeeze through the smallest of spaces and really need to be kept in tank type homes one for each hamster or they fight. I apologise in advance if this sounds like a lecture on something you already know....Hugs sue :)

  • Tanks ................ not the military kind ;) LOL ;)

    I had a lemming called Houdini because as a nipper he was always going walkabout they were always relatively easy to catch unless they hadn't been tamed because they were for sale...... then it was harder :o

    Notorious escape artistes heheheeeh ehehhe

  • I*v`e just remembered the fate of the russian hammy, We couldn`t find it after its last escape until weeks later when it turned up under a pile of books. Squished well and truly squished. I know it was awful of me but I just couldn`t help laughing. The poor thing looked just like a tiny bear skin rug........bad Bad sue for laughing. :(

  • Ooooooooh! naughty sue LOLOLOL

    we found a lemming in the back yard? got out and under the floorboards :o

    One escaped when I was in hospital this time last year and haven't seen her but I'm sure she's still hanging around just living wild :p

  • How sweet!

  • Cooooo all this hammie talk makes me wish I could have one again, me fears the doglets might just make the poor thing's life one of torture, if only by incessant stares, if I tried to cuddle it, I would fear for it's future :o :o Ahhhh just have to enjoy all the ones others here have :-)

    Foggy x

  • I must admit Scrappy has been really cool with all the furries even when they've been out in the balls and he barks at everything even people he's known for ages :o

  • Hey guys should we ask if we could have a pet's corner for our pics and things?

    ................. What do you reckon?

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • That's it.

    I is replacing whippet with hamsters when he gasps his last.

    Pets corner good idea.

  • Aw! xx

  • Awww soooo cute!

  • They are soooo sweet. A friend used to have gerbils and i know someone else who keeps rats. Often people don't realise how affectionate rodents can be. We have a dog so wouldn't keep them, but

    I love looking at them in the big pet stores xx

  • I agree rodents are very affectionate and therapeutic as a result, mind you it does take time taming and handling to get the affection its definitely worth spending the time with them :)

    2 of them are quite acrobatic and spin in the wheel so they do 360 in them like back flips, crazy critters and highly entertaining :D xx

  • Owowowow :)

    Best you'll get from me the rest of today. :P

  • Well no photos of pots from Pot as I've been re-arranging my room to fit a computer desk in so I can use that and get away from the bed :D

    Hubby is shattered as he had to hump and heave the furniture :o

    Success I have more space and an office space whoop whoop!!

    Glad you like the furries :D

  • hehehehehe Yup. They don't half look like fluffies when they're young.

    When I had my new knee I prepared by putting laptop & printer on a tea trolley and rearranged leads so I could move it anywhere and plug in once.. Broadband is via dongle so no prob there. I like it so much I did away with computer desk. :D :D Poor old OH. They don't 'alf suffer

    x Kettle

  • I had one. "Is filigree Siberian hamster called Basil" :P :P :P

  • Aw :) I got two of those last year but sadly they both died on me really young :( :( :(

    funny wee things but these fellows are crackers I mean loop de loop on the wheels they go that fast!!!

    All up and playing at the mo and having their leafy suppers being super cute vying for my attention

    :D :p :D

    As children we had a Syrian hamster called 'S.P.G'

    :p and yes she did look just like her namesake LOL

  • So cute xx

  • they are very squeekable luvs it :D

    wat fun you will be having xxgins

  • Has this post come around again hahaahah lol

  • LOLOLOL squeak squeak :) :) :) xx

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