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Braking the rules !

Well its friday night an im braking the rules ill sufer tomorrow an maybe longer but we alm stick to take your meds stretch an excersice when you can pase yourself the list goes on an still we sufer .

So tonight no meds wine instead no healthy food chines takeaway instead no early night im not going home till I'm falling asleep through shear exhaustion Witch wont b that late lol because i have the rest of my life to be sensible an stick to the plan but tonight im going to lol till my chest hurts an not just from the fibro !

Because a little of what you fancy never hurt anyone (well i hope it wont hurt to much ) as i have fibro it isn't who i am just what i have not who i am just like a lot of lovely people on hear an all around the world .

So ill have a glass of wine to you all an rase a glass to all of you that fight every day to stay who you are but with an invisible to outsider illness . My friends an i say cheers you are all amazing xx

Kugagirl & friends xxxx

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Hi Kugagirl

sounds wonderful, i have rebelled today too , we took Grandgirl to Hungry Horse and i had fish and chips with mushy peas but i did have brown bread and butter so not all bad :) and as you say a little of what you fancy is good

i don't drink but i have some 7up so cheers to you too

take care xx J


Sounds fab you go for it i bet Boosted your morale, Grandchildren Are always the best thing To make you feel cheeky and rebel now and then. Im Pretty sure that's why they are sent to us . It sounds like you had a lovely day ??

So i hope tonight you Sleep with a happy heart an i smile on your face xx

Kugagirl xx



yes my Family are the joy of my life , i have seen all 4 Grandchildren today so its been heavenly

umm i don't need any help rebelling i can get into mischief all on my own , tho having company makes it more fun lol

i remember a couple of years ago taking my darling Mum in law out to cheltenham for the day and she went up to a lady in a choc shop and said " we are out on the razz and we aren't behaving ourselves " the lady found it soooo funny well she is only in her 80s ha ha

i hope you manage to sleep well too xx


Oow thats lovely i now what you mean just a smile an

An a cuddle of then an all is well with the world.

I love that about your mom , an in her 80 's thats fantastick . its the sort of thing my mom would of said bless her. Gives you that worm feeling ??.

I have 3 grandchildren an 1 on way :0) & yes i totally agree company is good

Happy deams kugagirl xxxx


Hope you have a wonderful time kugagirl xxx sometimes it just worth the payback !


Hi hi

How are you today ?

i didn't get up until 10 45 !!

anles , feet, fingers and toes swollen puffballs , so guess i should behave and keep my feet up and rest , also i should rest my fingers , but typing is my physio ( i have decided )

catch up soon xx


Hi well like they say no pain no gain ??rest day and behaving today all round i think ,

my head an neck are hurting an my right arm ( my drinking arm lol ) an my throat is saw as hell but that was thought all the Laughing and talking so all in all not to bad really . Nothing some honey an painkillers an like you putting my feet up for the day or so wont cure.

it was well worth it I'm still smiling an feel a bit les stressed today .

So was it worth it for you ???

I love the phisio ??hehe i think mine will be lifting the remote .

Speak soon xx


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