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help and suport please

i am signing on jsa at the moment, and finding it so stressful, with new changes ect......thinking about signing onto the sickness benefit, as i know in my heart im struggling at this time, not wanting to struggle any more. feel like im failing or am i accepting the fibro was my desision to go onto jsa after working pt, for several years then i took v redundancy.....i struggled in that job too....feeling slightly upset

any advice would be gratefully recieved

thankyou so much jackie x

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Hi Jackie

This info on Work & Fibro, and Benefits & Fibro may help:

Best wishes



thankyou so much, bless you linz x


Don't put too much stress on yourself..... if you feel you can't cope at the moment with work, then please tell them and consider going onto esa. I've had to go onto esa for the first time in 20 years. It's difficult but our health comes first, I've only just started taking notice of this as people have been telling me for a while.

Please look after yourself and use the forum for more help and support as you need it at the moment, sorry if I havent been much help.... good luck, take care x


thankyou so much for your help x


The only advise i can give you is, I went to sign on on thursday and when I was being asked what ive been doin to find work? I ended up In tears!!! very embarrasing to say the least. But fortunately I have a very good, understanding advisor who asked me if I wanted her to change my work plan. From full time to part time?

I explained toher I had been for 2 Jobs recently, both of them I was qualified to do and had endless experience. The interviews went so well, the manager at the Dr Surgery who was interviewing me told me he only had 2 more to see but at that time I was at the top of his list. He even stated I was problerbly more qualified than most of the current staff he employed.

Very possitive I thought, untill He asked why I was looking for part time work.. This was my oppertunity to be honest and I told him I had ME, and Fibromyalgia ..!!! His face dropped and so di the Senior Receptionist who was also in the interview.

I got a call the next day to say I hadnt got the job!!!

Anyway back to the Job Centre, My advisor "advised me to claim" ESA, it would involve me "proberbly having a assesment with ATOS. But she did say I was fully entitled to claim ESA if I was not fit for work....She even offered to do it for me that day. But I dont think everyone will be so lucky to drop on such a nice advisor like I have. Which is a shame, we need supportive, understanding people not robots who have no clue what its like to be ill.

I declined, because i feel i can contribute and work part time but my problem is no one is willing to employ someone with such a fluctuating condition like ME..

Catch 22, I have decided to claim DLA, and see if i can do that and work maybe 16 hrs a week... when i find an understanding employer???????????

Any one know of one lol.

Good luck, Only you know what you are capable of doin..Me personally I want to work I dont want to be at home 7 days a week, I think i'm the kind of person who needs routine.

Take care xx shelley

Sorry for the long


thankyou shelly, for your long message lol, really helped, take care xx


Hello Eversohappy

Have you thought of working from home. I know of 2 companies that are currently recruiting for home based customer services advisors. One is an employed role and the other is self employed. I really think this is a good option, it works for me.


Hello, having not been in your position (I was declaired unfit for work a year after entering the workforce) I have no idea about transitioning from one benefit to the other, but it's scarey and you have my support. Perhaps have a chat with your Doctor, Citizens Advice and see if you can perhaps get an appointment with adult social care. good luck x


Thankyou so much for your message x


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