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I suppose my question is a bit daft really and common sense should prevail on this one but I'm wondering if I'm part of a gang or alone ?!? I have been recently diagnosed with fibro chronic fatigue syndrome , And I was originally placed on Duloxetine and pregabalin by my neuro consultant. I found, Initially, that I I lost weight when taking it to Loxitane but now, combined with the pregabalin I am finding weight With a vengeance. I am often so tired that I I grab for the first into hand which is often something naughty rather than healthy. I have put on over two stone since January and I know that I need to sort this out sooner rather than later for my health as well as my wardrobe! Does anyone have a quick fix , apart from sewing my mouth up to weight loss as I am unable to attend a regular class as I am struggling to drive at the present moment and my husband works shifts. Hope all are feeling as well as can be this morning xxx

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  • Hi Annette. You are not alone. I struggle with my weight and I also find when I am feeling really low and lacking energy, the first thing I reach for is comfort food. I eat to try and feel more human. It doesn't really work, but subconsciously I tell myself it does. I find the best thing is to rest when you are feeling like that, although I don't always do it myself. Not being able to exercise also doesn't help, but you can't change that. Don't beat yourself up about it. You need to do what works for you. I have put on weight during the holidays as the children are home and we have more snacky things in the house. When they go back to school I plan to try and lose what I have put on, but have learnt to accept my body, even though society doesn't. You know what you are able to do and what you aren't. Some medications can cause weight gain, which makes it more difficult to control. Be kind to yourself and love who you are. xx

  • Thank you-I think that's the part in struggling with, I detest that I have become stagnant and, as of yesterday I am now unemployed due to incapacity and ill health! Vicious circle here we come!! I agree completely with what you're saying-my hubby and son, and family and friends, all accept the changes in me but I haven't yet, roll on psychologists to talk me through!! Take care xxx

  • Oh bless you. It has taken me a long time to accept my body and the frustration of not being able to do any physical activity. I used to be really active. It is hard when you are out and about. I always think people are looking at me funny and judging me. When I struggle up stairs, or take the lift because stairs are too painful, I do wonder if people think I am lazy. I have to keep telling myself that it doesn't matter. I know why I struggle and they don't. As you say, your friends and family accept you for you and that is all that matters. The biggest battle is always accepting yourself. May you be encouraged that you are not alone. xxx

  • Morning Annette_D,

    I think we are probably in the same gang ! I've had the same problem its so easy to reach for something quick & naughty to eat when you're feeling completely rubbish. I put on 5 stone 😞 but I have now lost 2 stone it's been slow but steady. Please feel free to pm if you want to chat privately.


  • Thank you-doesn't help that we are off to Spain on an all inclusive holiday tomorrow haha πŸ°πŸ•πŸ‘πŸ»β˜•οΈπŸ·!! When I get home I am seriously going to health kick it, I wasn't one for much exercise before my illness but now I get out of breath and in so much pain going to the shop (65metres away) that I can't even do that! Slow and steady wins the race, you have such a positive attitude-I'm happy to have met you. Sadly, wish it was when we were feeling well, not in pain and tired haha xxx

  • Have a wonderful holiday. xx

  • A bit of sun should help your bones and the heat makes some people lose their appetite.

    Don't let what you imagine other folks are thinking ruin your holiday. The chances are they are not even thinking about you at all. Hope you have a wonderful time and feel better for it

  • I hope have you have an amazing holiday in the sun forget about your weight I bet you look amazing just go enjoy yourself

  • Sorry hands not working got a mind of their own this morning was going to say and forget about anything else make the most of 🍰 & 🍷 πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

    Gentle hugs xx

  • It is really difficult to manage weight when one has had to reduce activity levels, and the lack of energy says eat something to give an energy boost! Some drugs have weight gain as a side effect too. I guess it all depends on how you feel about your body, and how well clothes are fitting! I know that I couldn't afford to keep buying bigger clothes each year as I put on the 3 stone that I previously gained, and my wheelchair seat was getting a bit snug too, the thought of having to go and get a bigger wheelchair to accommodate my bum was just too embarrassing! So as I didn't like the way I looked either, I set about losing it, mostly with the help of Slimming World, which I found helpful not just with the actual weight but also enabled me to make some new friends and especially to keep the motivation going. If it's not practical to get out to groups there are online versions of most slimming organisations, or there is an NHS 12 week weight loss plan that's free and has an online community too I believe.

    At the end of the day it has to be down to how one feels about oneself, what matters is accepting who you are and feeling good about it, our personalities are what matters, not our shape!

  • Thank you for your positive words-I'm just feeling sorry for myself today and before I resorted to the open packet of jammy dodgers I thought I would post on here. An apple it is, then at least I'm starting to find the right road haha xxx

  • I too have fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and asthma and also piled on the pounds since having to medically retire from working. As the above post States Slimming World is fabulous for us who suffer these illnesses. I joined 10 months ago (one 2 hour session in class once a week). Having something to focus on, meeting new friends, loads of laughter, support and of course fabulous food plan has allowed me to lose 2.5stone whilst taking my medication! I feel fabulous now, I am now a size 12 in clothes (whole new wardrobe, loads of new tops and even shorts!!). Depression has gone and I am much more alert and on the ball with things now, yes I have pain and other problems, but I am finally getting my life back on track through losing the extra baggage I was carrying around daily making me continually miserable. Try it, either in person or on-line and see the results for yourself..............you won't be dissapointed!! Gentle hugs to you all. X

  • Wow I thought I was reading a post I would have written.... Lol

    I have joined slimming world and am now bigger than when I started I a, trying but like you have been on pregabil but I didn't lose weight with that, I am now on gapentine again 1000mg 3x day and tramadol for pain but can't get about and standing without two sticks is impossible so eat what's easy to get to.

    On slimming world you can't have bread really the syns are high for one slice so,sandwiches are out and there is only so much salad you can eat lol

  • Hi, I tried pregabalin about a year ago, I only stayed on it for 2 weeks as I was continuously hungry, I'm also on duloxetine and morphine tablets which I find much better, every one I know who's tried pregabalin has gained weight and as we well know exercise is to hard when your in constant pain so weight gain is bad enough as it is, oh what I would give to go back to being me !!!!!

  • Firstly I do hope you enjoy your holiday. From reading many posts over the last few years on this site Pregablin seems to be one of the drugs that many people struggle with as it seems to be notorious for weight gain if you are not careful as I am sure there is something in it that gives us a big appetite.In fact when I first went on it I thought I had worms or something as my appetite had been nil and then I could not get enough down me and I had cravings for things like chocolate that I normally don't eat. I also noticed that it said if people were diabetic they might need to see a dietician. I am now very careful what I eat and am actually the same weight as before but as I said to the OH this morning before it was all healthy muscle as I was extremely active walking the dog an hour a day, working, shopping, doing all the housework and big garden and swimming 70 lengths a week and now like many I class myself as very inactive in comparison to how I was before.

    I do keep alot of fruit around and things like plain yoghourt to try and fill myself up. Like others unfortunately I have IBS so have to be careful how much fruit and veg I eat which can make planning anything difficult. I also used to cook from scratch and now a TV meal is about the limit on most days. We do have M & S meals which show you the amount of calories and I have found them to be quite tasty even their healthy range and reasonably filling. It tends to be boiled potatoes rather than roast and then if still hungry a piece of fruit or a yoghourt. If I am really hungry and it is not a meal time I have a glass of water or a bovril drink and that takes the edge off my appetite.

    I do have treats but with biscuits I take out three and then put the packet away in the pantry in the tin, you can see my psychology of not actually having the biscuit packet by the side of me. If I have to make the effort to get up, open pantry door, open tin etc I often think it is not worth the effort. I think denying yourself any treats makes matters worse just ahve one cake a week and then it becomes a treat rather than part of your diet and strangely it tastes so much better for doing that. Put your food on smaller plates. If preparing fruit etc is hard do buy ready prepared, dearer but at least there is no effort involved.

    On the days I can't go out I still try and do some basic physio exercises and do gentle stretching even if it is from being seated in a chair. When I am reading posts I am just exercising my legs and hands it all helps at the moment I am flexing the muscles in my legs.

    Also think of the health benefits as if we are carrying exessive weight around it makes all movement harder and more painful. If we can move easier we will burn more calories.

    I am sure that others will come up with some marvellous tips and as others have said sometimes joining a slimming club helps some people as everyone is in the same boat and can encourage each other. It would be my idea of hell but that is just me so if I felt the need for help I think I would look at the online options.

    Do give us feedback on how you get on. By this time next year you will have hopefully a bikini body that will be the envy of us all. Soft hugs.x

  • Haha, thanks rose wine-I wishπŸ™πŸ‘™ I've never had a sweet tooth before, and while it's nice to enjoy these things, it's the limiting them that I find an issue-I'm an "all or nothing " type of girl so when I get home I'm giving it up altogether. Hopefully, by the time I can afford another holiday, I'll have lost the weight I've put on-thankfully I can't see that being for a couple of years so I live in hope! I'm finding that I'm going out maybe once a week to shop for essentials or to go to the bank but very little else so I'm hoping that once I see an OT and new consultant I will be able to do some more, at the moment I'm exhausted thinking about exercise. I've just been finished at work on incapacity grounds, and I'm trying to find my feet through the minefield of forms and telephone calls to tell me what benefits I can get too, but as my OH works, these are limited. Soft hugs and best wishes to you x

  • Hi Annette_D

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I genuinely hope that you have a wonderful holiday and look forward to reading all about it?

    I am prescribed Pregabalin and I have also put on weight. It says in the side effects listings that weight gain is a common side effect of the drug, so it is a no win situation this one? I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with this though.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


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