Horse meat for sure

Horse meat for sure

My carer brought me in THE BURGER and chips from a very very well known drive in eating place cant say in case they out a price on my head.

What a treat junk food to eat. Slowly I savoured each chip one by one of course the wrong thing to do cos they went cold on me..... but hey junk food is junk food.

Sipped the loverlee milk shake and then reached for my favourite food in the whole wide world THE BURGER

Soft enuff to eat without my irritating loose bottom teeth.I slowly and lovingly chomped my way thru it was gloriously fresh cold yes but hmmm THE BURGER my little bit of heaven.

For some its chocies for me its THE BURGER

I lay back repleted (wow wot a big word for me) and then the horror began. I started to get pain in the ribs the tummy the bowel area pain pain pain was rolling in pure agony

They say the devil looks after his own they LIED he treats us favourites badly. My neck went into spasm from holding my self too tight causing a headache up one side if my head my tummy was being battered for an hour looking back now I dont think it was the glutton oops gluten it was the damn horse meat trying to hoof its way out through the linings of my tummy. I trotted to loo up chucked out chucked and still the horse kicked at the stable door

Here I be now bruised and battered exhausted and devastated

?.... is the the end of my secret love affair with THE BURGER????????

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  • Oh my petal, how horrible! and what a waste of of a good burger :0 has this ever happened before, were you feeling poorly this morning befor you ate your treat? You are under a lot of stress at the moment, maybe it was that. All i can suggest is when you feel better send your carer back to the drive through to get you a couple more.....just to be sure :D xx

  • I would feel a right charlie (lol) if I did and had to go thru that again you cruel lady rolls on floor in insane laughter

  • Oh dearie me! I am so sorry you suffered - I've been there myself, but I couldn't stop laughing!

    I hope that this morning you are well-recovered, and that you are in a STABLE condition!!!!

    Moffy x

  • I am stabke and the horse has bolted thank goidness p

  • Like!!!!! XXXX

  • Aww Moffy, i was just gonna say that lol! Be careful petal, burgers are known to be high in shergar....sorry sugar hehe an di hope you dont feel poorly furlong! (furlong....get it?) hahaha :D xx

  • You are making me laff till i hoarse

  • Moffy dear how awful for you next time could the carer just buy some good mince and you could make your own or she could doesnt take long :) after all the horse jokes I just hope you have no more pain :) xgins

  • Pain has galloped off in the sunrise stable door hss been kicked down and hoarse is a forlong away. Damn we good at horsing around there there is neigh we cant laugh about?????

  • Hay :D there petal! You do make me larf! Youve got to have a giggle sometimes even when youre feeling rough, thats the mane :D thing. Its bad enough being saddled :D with fibro without being miserable. Anyway, am gonna trot :D off now and have some lunch. haha. xx

  • Love it

  • Maybe we should say 'NEIGH' to any more horse jokes. I think you're all trying to STIRRUP trouble! :D

    Moffy x

  • Okay time to hit the hay anyway

  • Harrrmpphh i am sorry I am going to have to rein in all this fun and stampede across the forum. Glad you are feeling better this morning. Petal here have a carrot.

    VG xxxx

  • Too late too late the maiden cried as his horse lept over the gate all done promise pmsl

  • These are all brilliant, well done petal xx

  • Oh, this is sooooo funny, has really lifted my spirits today. It's just a 'feeling sorry for myself' day!! Can always rely on you guys to cheer me up!! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  • Hahaha how funny had to read to the tail end!! Haha hope your feeling better xhugsx

  • Hunny I fund the tail end bit s×#@^y

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