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Blinking toxic!

Hello fibro friends, how are you all today? I know poor Foggy has a migraine, that badger has a case of the squawks, and Ken is munching his way through all the biscuits in the land.

I was feeling rather chipper earlier, then I tried to eat lunch out, and wasted all the beautiful food that was put in front of me when one bite set my tummy in painful spasms. I am having a kind of toxic reaction to all of my meds, thanks to the latest drug I was prescribed last week. Has anyone else had this happen? First my tummy wouldn't let me eat, then I kept falling asleep, then I doubled in size and couldn't breathe or move and went lobster coloured...1 day later I'm over a stone heavier and trundling along like weary red hippo. My pulse rate was at 115, BP down to 81/52 and I was talking rubbish. Today, I'm a stone lighter, and I can see my joints again, and am pink rather than an angry red. My tummy still hurts when I try to eat, but I can breathe, my heart has slowed, and I can move more easily.

No one really knows what happened, they are guessing it's a drug reaction in the absence of anything but high white blood cells left in my tests today, and my GP suggested I might be becoming toxic because of all the drugs I'm on. but I'm a bit sounds like they are guessing.

Has anyone else ever experienced anything like this without knowing why and never finding out the cause? It happened so fast and dramatically, it was scary. Am I still toxic, or could it happen again?

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I'm so sorry you've had such a terrible time, it sounds horrendous.............

I'm sending huge amounts of healing and anti-toxic vibes your way !!

You know where I am if you need me :-)

Foggy x


Thanks {{{{{{{{{{{{{Foggy}}}}}}}}}}}}, I hope you are ok and the thunder storms have passed. Yes, very scary, I felt so much better this morning now I'm back to blergh nausea and feeling inflated in my chest again. Horrid! Hope that migraine has released it's grip on you xx


HI JC. The only reaction I have ever had was when after massive attack of muscle spasms that left me black and blue all over. I was given a injection of muscle relaxant that worked a bit too well I was out for the count. It took 3/4 of an hour for me to come round. :P

What you had sounds horrific Im not surprised that it has left you feeling nervose , oh I give up on spelling today. One good thing the doctors now know that it happened and will be on the alert to try to stop it happening again.

Hugs to you my friend, sue xx


Oh blimey Sue! Were you at least pain free when you came round, if not a bit gah gah? How could they have got that dose so wrong?

I'm feeling pretty grim since that mouthful of lunch, it's like my body is rejecting everything, except my cellulite which it is hanging onto for dear life of course ;p



Well I was sent home after, but was back in the next day with multiple organ failure, my kidneys havn`t worked right ever since.

I spent months in hospital under going tests trying to find out why I was so ill but all they could find was a slightly elevated white blood count, indicating a slight virus.

It wasn`t until years later when I had a bad Fibro flare that was so like the illness all those years ago that I suddenly realised what it was, The neurologist and my GP both agree with me.

It was a virus plus a major fibro flare that had amplified the virus turning something mild into a serious illness.

But dont worry I have never come accross it happening to anyone else. I always have to be different. :P

sue xx


HI Foggy hope the migraine soon abates, its this flipping flopping changable weather. Even my GP asked if it was the heat knocking me about before I even got into the surgery.

Lots of love and hugs sue xx


Thanks so much, you're both so kind, it's not just the weather, I'm more stressed out than I can explain due to issues with my family and the idiotic control freak brother :-( :-(

Muchly Foggy x


Oh Foggy is he still being a pain. You know where I am when ever you need a chat.

Hugs sue


Hi Jigsawcat

I am so sorry to read that, and I can imagine that it was extremely frightening? I hope that you are feeling better now?

I had a similar experience in 2008 with red fruits and I have never eaten them since. I will stick to my biscuits!

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Wow is all I can say to that. Never had owt like it thankfully.

Sunshine gentle hugs and I hope you settle down soon.

Sounds like a review of meds is called for. They don't give them out like sweets but with complex mixes it's no surprise something goes amiss at times.

Pieces of eight. pieces of eight


Bless your heart!!! Hope you are feeling better now sweetheart!!! I've found out that I can't take lots of meds I use to take, due to the fibro. The ones I can I take more meds for the side effects. As for your stomach issues, I have had them off and mostly on for many years. It's very painful and frustrating. I had the scope down my throat and they found I had a fungus and irritated stomach. Well, I'm still not feeling any better and have took two prescriptions of the med's. I don't understand why??? Going to the doctor again August 5th so hopefully I'll get some answers. I only eat fruit and veggies and am gaining weight. Another day in the wonderful world of Fibro. Hang in there honey!!! xxx Mitzi


So sorry to hear that Mitzi! You shouldn't be gaining weight on a diet like that! I hope they manage to get to the bottom of it on the 5th. My weight gain with Fibro and IBS was thyroid related, although I have days where I can retain half a stone of fluid. The rest I'm afraid, is cake retention... :) xxx


I know what you mean. I have had my thyroid tested but it's always normal. I don't understand it as I've been thin for years and now it's getting uncomfortable. No cake for me. :) xxx Mitzi


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