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shingles vaccine

ive decided to write this as lots of folks on here seem to get shingles occasionally. I have had shingles for about 5 years now and they have burnt the nerves through on my left arm and leg causing me to loose my grip and cause me drop foot. I see a lovely Prof of immunology and i have been taking vaclovir twice daily . They dont rid me of it but lessen the impact. Today i was my gp's guinea pig having the shingles vaccine new to the UK . Dont know how i'll react as with the tablets it may lessen the blow and hopefully stop the nerves in my right side burning out. But the reason i am rambling on is to say it is available now, the NHS doesnt want people under 70 to have it really ( im 43) but as my GP said if you have fibromyalgia you have enough to deal with and should be pushed up the list . So dont suffer and go hassle your Doc x

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They are due to role it out to the over 70s in the next financial year. The government are going to use the shingles vaccine as one the new Gp surgery target or

ommon outcome something that they now use, which means if the surgery offers it an so many take it they get extra money. If they have vaccine leftover they may offer it out to other groups. I was at a Gp patients meeting last week.


i am currently suffering post shingles pain but only for 4 weeks so may ask gp about it.


day after and the side effects must mean its working...................... i hope x


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