I feel like everything is crashing down on me again. I don't know what is happening and when its happening. There is universal credit, P.I.P,. bedroom tax, payments (if you get it) changing to 4weekly. I have already fought for DLA (support group) do I have to start again. I have read 2 articles recently that are disgusting. One was a council member in Cornwall who said disabled children should be put down. The other saying disabled people are useless and should think about suicide because we are a drain on society. I have worked from the age of 15 I am now 60, brought up 2 children on my own both with university degrees. Whatever happened to peace in my old age. Rant over. Thank you.

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  • I'm not gonna say what I think that council member should do with her life cause I would be put off and with every reason but I'm sure u all know what I'm talking about

    I don't know why we have to be so mean to each other - its a big world with space for everyone

    Luckly there still good people out there and those are the ones who are worth to be mention

    Best regards

  • Hi siver,

    Very sad to read this. It is tantamount to what Hitler did. He didn't just persecute and exterminate Jewish people he did vile experiments on disabled people before exterminating them, too. What is our society coming to? It is criminal the way vulnerable sectors of society are being treated.

    Like you, many of us have led productive lives and just because we are now disabled/chronically sick does not mean that we are now useless and worthless. What is (sadly) ironic is that, because of all the welfare reforms and the inherent hardships people face and the stress of the assessment process, many people do feel suicidal and some have tried and, sadly, some have succeeded. Perhaps the Govt. will be satisfied when we have all done away with ourselves. If I didn't have my lovely husband's support, I might be tempted myself. It is very depressing.

    As bluebahog says there are a lot of lovely people and we must all stick together on this site and give each other some moral support.

    I am off to bed now.

    Love and comforting hugs Saskia XX

  • Hi siver,

    For once I am at a loss for words - things are getting very bad, and i just hope to God that right-minded people will turn things around and set them straight. As for that stupid, stupid councillor, he will get old and arthritic one day and it will serve him right - what goes round comes around as they say!

    don't worry chuck - we'll all fight for our rights, and we'll win, just you see!

    Moffy x

  • Therebis a site on facebook with real help and advice pm me

  • Oh I wish there was one among us who would stand up, and I mean really stand up for normal people. I don't just mean say what needs to be said to get elected, I mean really have the strength of character to stand up and do what is right for the normal people of this country. I for one would vote and support this person. We have a situation where we are persecuting ill and disabled people to save a few million, people cannot afford to heat the homes they live in. Yet we have energy companies reporting extortionate profits, and conglomarates who make extortionate profits not paying any taxes, millions of pounds of taxes which would clearly negate the savings we are being persecuted for by the government. I have worked since I was 15 years old, when I had my children I worked part time and the only benefit I have ever claimed was child benefit. Now I am disabled I still work from home, but have to fight for some support. What about all the taxes and NI I have paid all these years.

  • well said xx

  • im confused about this p.i.p. i had a leter saying that i wouldnt get sent for till 2015 when my disability runs out, and i have to reclaim as p.i.p.....then weve had a booklet from the council for tennants saying all about bedroom tax and paying more council tax out of our benifits, AND that old claimants on disability will start being sent for in july this yr....gods sake talk about fibro fog...i just lost the plot on everything..xx

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