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i am getting very worried about my benefits, because i had a phone call from job centre and they said my esa was stopping the end of this month,what should i do,i have not slept for days worriying about things. on the 20 december i sent in a form that was sent to me from cardiff about having another medical but not heard any thing from them, should i contact them. because i am worried that i will have to move because i have a second bedroom that is used by son when he comes up to help me. he does meals,washing,cleans, shopping and pays my bills for me. i did have a carer but since the cuts i have had no help only my son.i have had a stair lift and walkin shower put in by social services and i am waiting to hear if i can get a commode and a higher seat for my tiolet and a bar to help me get up from bed .my son is a god send because without him i would be in bed 24/7.he is a one parent and he as to get his son to school and he works part time. i get low rate disability and i also got mobility car i don,t know if i can get or find out how to get my benefits sorted.i was paying for my incontinance pads by now i have seeen the district nurse i now have my pads free, and i go to phisio 2 times a week or should but it depends if my son can get here. does any one know how i could find out about benefits and if i am getting the right amount.sorry i am ramboling a bit but i am so tiedand worried and i am in so much pain

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Hi sylviajones

This info on benefits may be of use:

If you haven't got the Benefits & Work guides, do email to get them emailed out.

Are you in a council or housing association home? Here is some good info on the so-called "bedroom tax":


Hi sylvia

You must be so stressed out with worry which we all know only serves to make our fibro symptoms worse. Poor you. Firstly i would recommend contacting admin for their advice on benefits as i've heard these have been very helpful to others on here in a similar situation. Then you need to ask your son to contact an organisation like citizens advice or age concern as they might provide someone either in an appointment on their premises or who can call to your home if your unable to walk or or bed ridden. This person will help explain the benefits system and assess what benefits you may be entitled to.

I hope you can get the support you need as living in this state of uncertainty only makes matters worse

Take care




Hello Sylvia,

I wondered if this link to a blog about the help with benefit forms by any local advocacy services, that may be of help as you are worrying so much


It may be an idea to find out if there is any help like this near you that you can contact

Best Wishes



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