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Hi everyone have you found since having fibromyalgia you find it harder to cope with friends. I'm having big issues with this at the mo. over the years I've had many many friends,I'm not sure if its been a good thing in hindsight as a lot of them hurt me. I know people come in and go out of your life.

During this bad phase with the fibro I just can't cope with anything else other than my kids and my dogs. The three main friends I have at the mo all have very stressful lives and I've got totally overloaded and I'm needing a break badly. I have told them how I'm feeling and they seem to understand but it's also very scary saying "hey guys I can't help you with your problems at the mo" I've told them I do care about them very much but I'm having to be a bit selfish and look after me for a while.

Does anyone identify with this?

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Yes Definately, its very hard to keep up a brave front and listen to other people's troubles, unfortunately it has to come to the point when for our own health and family that we have to take a step back , some good friends realise and stay friends, others we lose, but friends who don't give and take are maybe not the best friends ....

You have had a lot to cope with recently its perfectly acceptable for you to take time out for you and your family.... I hope your friends will be understanding , and if they a not we are always here

VG x



True friends are there whether you see them regularly or not , i have friends who live over a hundred miles away, when we chat on fb or phone etc we pick up where we left off

Also i am afraid a lot of " friends " do not understand give and take , some will as you do.

Everyone has to be selfish sometimes and put themselves and their families first , its prioritising and sad to say some people want to be number 1

I know its not the same but you do have lots of virtual friends on here

Take care , warm hugs x


Thank you both for your wise words. I think I can cope with being on here and try and help where I feel able ,I get a lot of support of here for which I'm really grateful. With the help of my counsellor I am going back to basics and am finding out what I can and cannot cope with.


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